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Types of Online Directories

To understand the various types of online directories, one should first understand what is meant by the term ‘directory’. A directory is an ordered classification of a list. This list could mean a list of addresses, phone numbers, individuals, businesses, organizations, services, websites, publications,and so on. These lists become directories when they are classified or categorized either alphabetically or according to similarity in topic or themes or regions.

Web directories are online directories that list websites by category.There are several types of directories that fall under the classification of web directories. These include:

General Directories:

General directories are those directories that accept all kinds of sites. They have a wide variety of categories and sub categories under which websites can be listed. Common categories that can be found in these directories include, art, business, finance, internet home, shopping, sports and travel among many others. The categories are listed in alphabetical order.

Since general web directories are the most expansive of all web directories, they naturally have a larger audience and thus a wider reach. A link from a quality general directory under a relevant category adds to the value of a website. Besides, general web directories provide the website owner with a variety of different categories under which to place a site.

Niche Directories:

Niche directories are the opposite of general directories. They are specific directories that target a relatively small audience. These directories list only those websites that deal with, or are in some way related to, the specific nature or theme of the directory. Health directories or shopping directories for example, would be niche directories that only list health and e-commerce related websites respectfully.

Getting a link from a niche directory would hold more value, since the link is relevant and comes from a quality source. Also, it is easier to connect with a target audience if one is listed in a niche directory.

Regional Directories:

Regional directories, as the name suggests, are directories that list only those websites that belong to a particular region, area or country. For instance, a UK regional directory will only list websites of those businesses or individuals that are based in the UK, or that provide a service specifically for businesses or individuals in the UK.

It would be appropriate for local companies or area-specific businesses to list their websites in regional directories of that particular area.

Bid or Bidding Directories:

Bid or bidding directories are those directories which require website owners to place bids in order to get sites listed in these directories. The bids usually start from as low as $1 with which one can expect to get listed in these directories. However, for the highest placement or listing in a category, one would have to constantly increase bids in order to ward off competition from other websites.

The websites in these directories are thus ordered based on their bid amount. The higher the bid, the higher will be the listing. Higher listings are the ones that are most visible; hence these attract more incoming traffic.

Article directories:

Article directories are directories to which articles are submitted. Like web directories, article directories also have a wide range of categories and sub categories under which the submitted articles can be listed. However, unlike web directories, all article directories are free directories, i.e., no payment needs to be made in order to submit an article.

Any article may be reproduced on another website, also free of cost. However it must be ensured that the resource box details including the name of the author, his company and his website, are also mentioned wherever and whenever the article is reproduced. This way the copyright is protected.

Article directories may be general or niche directories. General article directories would include all types of articles listed under the most appropriate categories whereas niche article directories only accept list those articles that are related to the specific theme of the directory. For example a health article directory would only list articles that are in some way related to health. These niche directories have several categories under which an article can be submitted, however all these categories are related to the main theme. Using the same example, the categories that one could find in a health article directory could be: alternative health, medical research, procedures and therapies, treatment and so on.

Blog directories:

Blog directories are those directories to which blogs can be submitted under relevant categories and sub categories. Blog directories are mostly general directories classifying all types of blogs under different categories. No payment is required to list a blog in a blog directory. They are also, like article directories, free to submit to.

Blog directories are relatively new to the scene, but are becoming very popular with bloggers since they provide a great blogging resource.

Podcast Directories:

A recent type of directory that is quickly gaining in popularity is the podcast directory. Podcast directories as the name suggests, list MP3 audio podcasts as well as video podcasts – rather than websites. These multimedia files can be downloaded for free onto iPods and personal computers.

Brick and Mortar Directories:

Brick and Mortar directories, though very rare to find, are those directories that list offline businesses and stores. They could be general directories listing several different kinds of offline businesses or organizations, or regional brick and mortar directories with area-specific listings or niche directories listing those businesses or stores that deal with a particular product or service.

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