Important Considerations While Making Directory Submissions – Part 2

As promised earlier, this is a continuation of the previous post regarding some important aspects that need to be kept in mind while submitting to directories. Here, we will broadly cover the options available for getting a site listed in the directories as well as the time it takes for links to be approved by the directories and indexed by the search engines.


In order to get a website listed in a directory, it is important to go through the listing options available to decide which one will be most suitable to you. Most directories come with many listing features and pricing options. Although submitting to an article directory is completely free of cost, other online directories broadly offer the following listing options:

Paid Listings:

Some directories require payments to be made in order for websites to be listed. The amount that needs to be paid for each listing varies from one directory to another. These directories may also offer various payment packages, the most expensive package offering the most benefits to the website in terms of quick review, guaranteed backlinks, featured listings, advertisements and attractive placements in the directories.

While some directories charge a one-time fee for a site to be listed, others require payments to be made yearly, monthly or after determined periods of time. If these payments are not regularly carried out, the website will be dropped from the directory.

The directories to which payments have to be made in order to list websites, are known commonly as ‘Paid Directories’. Bidding directories are a form of paid directories. General, niche and regional directories could also be paid directories.

Free Listings:

Directories that offer free website listings are also known as ‘Free Directories’. No payment whatsoever is required in order to get a site listed in these directories. However, each site that is added free of cost will have to undergo a review process. This could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, and link approvals from these directories are usually not guaranteed. Nevertheless, it is well worth the wait to have a site listed in a quality, SEO friendly free directory, as the links received will add value to the site.

Reciprocal Listings:

There are some directories that require links from the sites that are listed in them. Only when these directories find a link pointing to them from a website, will they give a link back to that website. This process of exchanging links is known as reciprocal linking and directories that require reciprocal links are known as reciprocal directories.

Reciprocal linking is not always recommended, especially if there is an option for a free listing, since search engines would rather that a site build one way links. However in most directories that offer both reciprocal and free listings, the review time mentioned for reciprocal listings is normally lesser than that for free listings. Hence, people still make use of this option. General, niche and regional directories could be reciprocal directories as well, if they require websites to link to them first.

Web directories would offer at least one of these listing options, if not all. Some directories offer a combination of these listing options, such as a free listing with reciprocal links or a paid listing with reciprocal links.


In the cases of the directories that guarantee link approvals (almost always paid directories), the time taken for the same maybe a few days. However with directories that do not guarantee approvals, links to the site submitted may take a little longer. This is because these directories being human edited directories, put all the websites that have been submitted under a thorough review process.

This review of websites is conducted by a human editor who checks the content and the relevance of the site under the category to which it was submitted, among other factors. Only if the site is found to be a quality site with plenty of good content, will it receive a directory link. This process of review and approval by directories varies from one directory to another and hence, it could take anywhere between a week to three months after being submitted, before a website gets its directory links.

Once these links are received, they need to be indexed by the search engines before results can be noticed. this could take a few more weeks. If the links to a site come from quality, SEO friendly directories, they would boost the site’s chances of appearing high on search engine rankings.

Although the entire process of submitting a site to a directory and getting directory links may seem long drawn out, it definitely has its benefits. If you think that the entire task is too difficult and time-consuming to manage yourself, you might want to consider hiring a professional directory submission service like ours to handle it for you.

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