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We had informed you in our earlier posts that we were to launch a free ebook on directory submissions. Well, that ebook is finally ready and can be downloaded for free right here on this blog! Giving you the complete lowdown on every aspect of directory submissions, including tips and advice for making submissions on your own, this ebook is intended as a comprehensive guide for novices as well as SEO professionals.

The ebook begins with a general introduction to search engine optimization (SEO) and directory submissions and goes on to explain the importance and benefits of directory submissions. There is a chapter dedicated to the common myths that surrounds directory submissions. Also included are chapters with screenshots to accompany a step-by-step illustrated example of how a directory submission is to be made, what happens after the submission and how to find your link in the directories. This apart, the ebook discusses the benefits of outsourcing your directory submissions in addition to highlighting a few important directories to submit to besides covering the various types of directories available online. There’s a cleverly picked out glossary section at the end that explains all the words that were likely to have caused difficulty.

We have tried to make this ebook as comprehensive and informative as possible. We do hope that this book will help dispel any fears and doubts you may have regarding the relevance of directory submissions especially with the rumours doing the rounds that they are of no use anymore. Do get back to us on the ebook with your feedback, reviews and suggestions.

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Trust you’ll enjoy reading this ebook as much as we did while creating it.

Download your copy here.

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Chapters of eBook

  • Introduction to search engine optimization
  • Introduction to directories and directory submissions
  • The importance and benefits of directory submissions
  • Common myths about directory submissions
  • How to make directory submissions yourself
  • What happens after a site has been submitted?
  • Link placement
  • Outsourcing directory submissions
  • Recommended directory submissions
  • Types of directories
  • Glossary of terms

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  • Al David

    Hey… Thanks for the book, I thoroughly enjoyed going through it and more importantly learnt a LOT from it.

  • Steven

    Very useful, I didn’t that there was so much to know about directory submissions 😉 It is indeed a comprehensive guide though and covers all aspects very well.

  • Deepak

    i m really thankful for this ebook.Its very helpful and packed with some real good features…thanks once again….

  • James

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    Thanks in advance

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