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How to Order with Directory Maximizer

PART I – Add Site Details

Ordering with Directory Maximizer is a simple two-step process – first, add your site to your account, then submit it. Simple as they may be, these steps, especially that of adding your site, are very important, because filling in the right information is the key to the success of your links. Let me help you understand these steps better, and help make your directory submission experience better.

As most of you already know, to avail of our service, you first need to register with us. For those of you who aren’t yet registered with us, please click here to go to the sign up page. After signing up, log in to your account to begin your submission process.

Once you have logged in to your account, click on the “Add a Site” button. Here you are required to enter a few details about your site.


1. Add the URL you wish to submit, it could be a homepage URL or an inner page link.


2. Enter the name you wish the submission to be made under. This may show up in the directory when your site gets listed. It can even be your company name.


3. Enter the email address to which you wish to receive confirmation mails from the directories.

a) Click on the first option if you wish to handle the emails yourself. It is advisable to use an email address associated with the domain. However, this is not mandatory.


b) Click on the second option, if you want us to handle the emails for you. We create an individual email account for each of your sites and handle the emails received from the directories as is required, whether they are acknowledgment, confirmation or rejection emails. The email-handling service comes at an additional cost of 4 cents per submission, which would make the cost per submission 18 cents, instead of 14 cents. We even give you a Live report of the emails as and when they come in.

email option2

4. Select the country that your website targets or the country you are from.


5. Enter the categories under which you want your website to be listed in the directory. For example, if you have a real estate site, you can list Real Estate, Properties, Rentals and Home as your preferred categories.


6. Enter keywords that you think people would use to find your site. E.g. Real estate, homes for rent, homes for sale, home rentals etc. are appropriate keywords for a real estate site.


7. Enter your titles and descriptions.

a) You have the option to enter up to 20 different titles and description. E.g. if you have a real estate site, target keywords like Homes for Rent or House for Sale in the different titles and give an overview of what to expect from the site in the description. Try to target  specific long-tail keywords and not head words in your titles, it is relatively easier to rank for long-tail keywords. If your site is about real estate in Florida, you are more likely to rank for “House for Sale in Florida” than “Houses for Sale”. In the example below, I’ve chosen to add 3 different titles and descriptions.


b) Use the “Set Distribution Ratio” to prioritize your titles. You can assign a distribution ratio of 1 to 10 to your titles and descriptions (10 being the highest). If you want one particular title and description to be given most importance, then you can set its distribution ratio at 10 and set ratio for the remaining titles and descriptions at a number less than 10. If you want all the titles and descriptions to be equally distributed then you can set the distribution ratio at 10 for all the titles and descriptions. In the example below, I have set the distribution ratio at 8 and 5 for the two titles and descriptions.

D ratio

8. Then click on the “Click Here to Save” button to complete the Add Site process and move to the Submit Site section.


The steps involved in the process of  ‘Submitting a Site’ shall be covered in the next post, be sure to catch it.

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