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How to Order with Directory Maximizer Contd.

Part II – Submit Site

In the previous post, I took you through the steps involved in the process of ‘Adding’ your site. In this post, I’ll show you how you can place a directory submission order by ‘Submitting’ your site.

Once you successfully complete the ‘Add Site’ process, you are automatically taken to the ‘Submit Site’ section. If you wish to submit sites that are already added, you can log in to your Directory Maximizer account and click on the ‘Submit Existing Sites’ button.

submit 2

Once in the ‘Submit Site’ section, follow the steps enumerated below to successfully place a submission order.

1) Select the site you want to have submitted to directories. You have the option of submitting multiple sites at the same time.

select site

2) Choose the number of directories you want to have your site submitted to. You have are 3 different options available to you.

submit option

a) Option 1: Have your site submitted to the entire list of directories. If you are a returning customer and have had your site submitted earlier to, say, 500 directories through Directory Maximizer, then the site will be submitted to only the remaining new directories. So,  if there are 1250 directories in the list, your site will be submitted to only (1250-500) 750 directories.


b) Option 2: Have your site submitted according to your budget. You can either enter the number of directories you want to have your site submitted to or the amount you are willing to spend towards the submission. The minimum order value is $5 and the minimum number of directories per site is 20.

option 2

c) Option 3: Have your site submitted to 100 new directories every month for 12 months. This would ensure constant flow of links to your site and you don’t have to come back every month to place an order.

option 3

Note 1: If you choose the first two options, you have an added option of submitting according to the Page Rank of the directories (PR1+, PR2+ and PR3+), your site will be submitted only to the particular PR directory list you choose.


Note 2: Another feature available to you with the first two submission options is staggered submission. You can control the speed of your submissions by having them spread over a period of up to 5 weeks.

slow sub

Note 3: You will be shown details of your order. You will also be shown the amount approximately in your own currency.


3) Finally, click on “Confirmation Submissions Details & View Payment Options” to proceed to the payment page.


Part III – Payment Page

In the payment page, you’ll find the order details and the amount payable. You have two payment options available – you can either pay through PayPal or pay with your credit card.


Clicking on either of the options will take you to the corresponding secure servers of PayPal or 2CheckOut, where you’ll be required to enter the necessary payment details. You will be brought back to our site once the transaction is completed.

You also have two additional payment options, if you have $MX in your account ($MX is a form of submission credit, $MX 1= $US 1):

1) You can pay for the order solely with MX dollars.

The following screenshot shows that an order for 35 directories is being placed with $MX 4.9 remaining in the person’s account.

mx only

2) You can apply an amount of $MX to your order and pay a reduced  final amount. The steps involved are enumerated with an example below.

Click on the ‘Use $MX in account’ button.

The screenshot below shows the payment page of an order for 200 submissions; note that the amount payable is $28.

mx half

Clicking on the ‘Use $MX in account’ button causes a green box to appear on the page. Enter the $MX amount you wish to apply to the order.  Click on the ‘Apply & Recalculate Total’ button

The screenshot that follows shows that an $MX amount of 5 is applied to the order and the total recalculated.


Note the change in amount payable and complete the payment process by clicking on either the ‘Pay by PayPal’ button or the ‘Pay by Credit Card’ button.

In the screenshot below, you’ll see that the final amount payable is $23, after having used $MX5.


This brings us to the end of the simple two-step process of ordering with Directory Maximizer. You are now two steps closer to ensuring the success of your links. Click here to place your submission orders and get started on building successful links.

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