5 Must Do’s to create a “Sticky” Website

Having strong online presence is necessary for any business in the current global scenario. However, just having a website is not enough.  In our last post, we discussed the importance of “sticky content”  in reducing the bounce rate and thereby improving your search engine rankings.

So while it’s already been established that having a “sticky” website is necessary, the million dollar question pending an answer is, “how do we go about creating sticky content?” Well, we feel that there are 5 absolutely essential must do’s for your site, if it has to stand any chance of being “sticky” enough to engage your users.

1.    The content should be authoritative and engaging

Usually people browse the Internet seeking information. They are under the impression that who ever has created the website is an authority on the subject. You need to make sure that your content is well researched. It should provide relevant and in-depth information to the visitor. For example, if you have a website on pet health, you need to ensure that you have all the relevant details about the subject. create sticky contentIf you just publish a list of pet care products with pricing, the visitor is not likely to spend much time on that page unless you could also save them the trouble of providing enough information about each product. Before working on your content, list all possible questions people may have about the subject. Ensure that your content answers all these questions. It is also important to ensure that you engage your visitors. Most of the time visitors reach the landing page, read the content and move away. It is advisable to have something on the web page which would encourage them to take further action. For example you may help them with how to go about ordering a product. You may even have a poll or a small quiz. However you need to make sure that all these are relevant to the subject.

2.    Provide links to reputed s

It is advisable to protips for crating sticky contentvide links to trusted and reputed sources. It adds to the credibility of the website. It alsoconveys to the search engines that you intend to provide the best information to your visitors. For example, if your website is about photos of nature or animals, you may have reference link to websites like the National Geography. To put it simply, your content should convey that you are the authority on the subject. Also allow users to share the information they find on your website. This can be achieved by integrating social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook into the web page.

3.    Avoid duplicate content

Search engines like Google are striving hard to offer real value to the people browsing the Internet for information. They do not tolerate duplicate content. Your content should be unique. It is not advisable to rely on duplicate content to drive traffic to your website. If search engines find out that your content is not original, they will penalize the website.

4.    Strike a balance between text and images

Your website should have both text and images. It is very important to ensure that they are relevant. Websites with only text will not capture the interest of the visitors. On the other hand if your website has only images, you are sure to have a high bounce rate. You need to strike a balance here. For example, if you are selling watches online, it is not enough to just have pictures of the product. Images no doubt, will have a positive impact, but you also need to have information regarding technical specifications, design, warranty and other terms and conditions. After creating the content, proofread before publishing.

5.    Keep it short and to the point

Avoid excessively long pages. Your visitors may get bored. If it is inevitable, move it to the next page. Same rule applies to videos. It is advisable to have short videos (ideally 3 – 4 minutes). Excessively long videos take time to load. They may also annoy the visitors.

There is no doubt that both users and search engines love quality content. It is also a known fact that websites with quality content have low bounce rate and rank better on search engines. The success of your website hugely depends on the quality of its content. So check your website’s content right now, is there anything that needs to be changed or edited? Do it now! The results will definitely make you happy. You can thank us later 😉

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  1. Directory submission tips on October 10th, 2011 3:22 pm

    Really helpful tips. I would also like to add up that before submitting your websites to web directories you should also read their guide lines,as every directory guideline has small changes, by this your website acceptance ratio will increase.

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