Case Study: Directory Maximizer Helps a Guitar, a Healthcare & a Counselling Site Reach Top Rankings in Search Engines

“Over the years I have used many SEO services, Directory Maximizer stands out from the crowd because they are constantly improving their service, adding new directories and features. I’ve used almost every service they provide – I’ve even hired them to research and submit my sites to custom lists of directories. One of the best services they now have is the niche directory service. Most of all, my sites went up a few rankings and I am receiving more organic traffic every day.”

– Skyler Christensen


It’s a fairly new site having lot of quality content and insights. It provides detailed information on guitars like best practices, how to choose a guitar, guitar care, expert tips etc.

As the name suggests, this site is all about combating morning sickness and tips on health care during pregnancy.

This site revolves around consultation and proper guidance to teenagers and bridging the gap between a parent and a child. It’s more about bringing the best out of every teenager and leading them towards successful lives.

Requirement & Challenges

Although these 3 sites are very different in nature as well as their subject matter, they were similar in the fact that they did not have many back-links pointing to them and were not rankings for their keywords. There was very little off-page optimization done for these sites and because of less links with relevant anchor texts, these 3 sites were not ranking for any of the terms they were targeting. However, Mr. Christensen was very passionate for his sites and wanted to put in all his effort to improve their search engine rankings. It is always a pleasure working with customers who are passionate about their websites and we were also more than happy to help him in his journey.

Action Taken

Mr. Christensen placed orders for general directory submissions and social bookmarking submissions with us. In general directory, submissions we submitted the sites to search engine friendly directories which gave one-way permanent links with relevant anchor texts. In social bookmarking, we submitted the sites to quality social bookmarking sites which gave guaranteed links which helped the site get instant visibility and exposure.

However, what he did right was that he placed these orders on a regular basis. Many of us do link building once and forget about it, but that is not the right way to build links. Link building is an ongoing activity which should be done on a regular basis. I would say almost all of us do link building for our sites at least once. However, to stand above the rest, we need to go the extra mile which is what Mr. Christensen has done. It is only with regular link building that the search engines will know that we are serious about our sites.


The results for all the hard work we put in for these 3 sites were beautiful 🙂  The site which previously had no rankings promptly got into a top slot of Google for it’s main keywords. The other 2 sites too exhibited a huge improvement in terms of search engine rankings and therefore increase in traffic. especially has become an excellent example of a site benefiting from our submissions as it is ranking for not 1 but 10 of its keywords! This proves that continuous link building makes the search engines sit up and notice your site!

Google Rankings:

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  1. V-Picks, Inc. on April 24th, 2012 5:26 am

    It is great that there are efforts such as this one that promote the visibility of guitar-related websites on the Internet. This helps those guitar enthusiasts to easily find information related to their passion. Congratulations on your effort and thanks for sharing.

  2. venkat on November 15th, 2012 5:01 am

    It was a great run, and I hope the readers who discovered us found our content useful.

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