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The 6 Key Components of Link Diversity and How to Achieve it [Infographic]

Having a diverse link profile is essential for successful ranking results on the search engines. Just building links from the same domains to the same page using the same keywords is neither natural and nor will it help get you to the top. You will need to ensure you get as diverse and natural looking a link profile as possible to improve your ranking chances.

What do you mean by Link Diversity or having a Diverse Link Profile?

Having a diverse link profile would mean that your site has a reasonable number of inbound links coming from a lot of different types of sites with varied anchor text pointing to different pages of your site.

Building a diverse link profile is not only about analyzing all the link building opportunities available to you and pursuing anything that you find credible but it’s also about ensuring that you’re visible in the relevant places and are connected to others within your industry.

There are 6 key components to link diversity and we’ve illustrated below, through the form of an infographic, how you could go about building a diverse link profile using our services.

Link Diversity Factors - Components

A diverse link profile can help your site weather the Pandas, Penguins and any other updates that are yet to come.  Pay attention to these factors when you are building links to your site. If you’re interested in diversifying your link profile, do consider signing up with us.

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  • Dexter Fulton

    Link diversity is so important, because you increase your linking IPs and root domains, strengthen your overall profile, and incorporate brand links which help with anchor text diversification. I didn’t even realize all of this can be done at Directory Maximizer. Wow… Awesome Post!

  • Scott McMillan

    It seems is only getting better. Now this new diversified tactic will help get more lasting results!

  • Raheel Farooq

    Good information. Hope it will prove helpful for my project!

  • Kenneth von Rauch

    Great infographic. It would also be cool guys if you could create like tutorials on how to use your services for creating diversified links.

  • maximizer

    Yes it will for sure Scott 🙂

  • maximizer

    Thanks Dexter and quite a few important points mentioned by you as well. Link diversity is no doubt important and that’s why we emphasize on it. Building a diversified link profile can surely help websites rank on the top of SERPs.

  • maximizer

    Hi Kenneth, Sure we will definitely try to come up with up something like that. Stay tuned!

  • maximizer

    We believe it does and all the very best from our end 🙂

  • Aaron Hurlburt

    Directory Maximizer has helped me in so many ways. I’m starting to see better SEO for my Clients Websites in the Tampa Bay area.

  • maximizer

    Good to hear about that Aaron. Do spread the word 🙂