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Think Outside Your Reach and Get Filthy Linking Rich

In the ever growing sea of mediocrity online, building good links back to your website is becoming harder and harder.  The releases of Penguin and Panda have thrown the SEO world into a brief tailspin, making them take a closer look at common linkbuilding practices.  Penalties from Google and other search engines are more detrimental now than they’ve ever been before, becoming harder and harder to come back from.  That’s why it’s essential that you too take a closer look at the strategies your site is implementing and decide whether or not they’re working for you now and if they’ll continue to work for you in the future.

Drafting a marketing strategy

Analyzing Your Marketing Strategies

Analyse Your Marketing StrategyThe first thing you’re going to have to do is sit down and be honest with yourself; what parts of your website marketing strategy could stand improvement?  Most people think that their website is unique or that their product is, but the truth is: in all likelihood, it’s not.  If it was, you’d have no marketing competition as your product would be the only one out there for customers to buy.

I’m going to assume that’s not the case.

Truth be told, there aren’t really that many unique sites out there, especially when you break it down into the marketing strategies they’re implementing.  Social media, videos, web tools, polls, blogs…how many sites do you see with these?  Unique content?  Let’s hope so!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not calling everything duplicate sites; just saying that they’re not bringing anything new to the table.  There’s nothing bad about this, but just don’t expect things to rank just because you think your dish is the best at the picnic.  That’s not the way the Internet works.

What Sets You Apart? What Sets You Apart

To begin with, compile a list of what you think makes your site different and then ask a few people why they would link your site instead of your competition’s.  Now, ask a few employees why they would use your site and not someone else’s.  If you’re coming up with more items than other people are, it’s time to seriously reevaluate how honest you’re being with yourself.

The problem (most likely) is in the content that you’re using on your site.  This doesn’t just mean words, but also apps, tools, contests, videos, etc.  You need something that makes people want to come to your site.  For some sites, this is a stellar blog; for others, great giveaways.  You need to find your niche in the market, get innovative about it and give people a reason to link to your site.

Then How Are The Others Getting Ranked?

Google RankingSo, now you’re probably asking yourself if everyone has similar content, how are some getting top ranking.  Well, the answer to this is twofold: one, it’s probably not as similar as you think.  Take a browse through top ranking sites and look to see what’s different between your site and theirs.  Second, they probably have effective (and cyclical) content marketing.

You see, once a page ranks, it gets linked which gets it more exposure which gets it more traffic which gets it more links, which gets it higher ranked; it’s an Internet phenomenon called “filthy linking rich.”  This is what you want to be.

Push It to the Limit

So, how can you do that?  Well, you need to push your marketing reach further.  Chances are, not as many people are aware of your website as you think they are.  You may promote things on your blog, newsletter, mailing list and social media, but these are still only customers and leads that you already have.

You need to reach leads you don’t have; expand your sales funnel.

Forget linkbuilding, social media and search engines for a second and think about your marketing and PR training; what other avenues can you go to expand the mouth of your sales funnel?  In essence, how can you expand your reach?

How about affiliates? Pay-per-click campaigns? Guerrilla marketing? Podcasts? Local radio or television?  Think outside the box, but think outside your reach as well.  Taking some time to brainstorm different ways you can expand your marketing reach can bring you that competitive edge that gets you those links.  After all, don’t we all want to be filthy linking rich?

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  1. Nick Stamoulis on October 15th, 2012 1:52 pm

    The best approach to link building is to think about target audience behavior. Where do they hang out online? Try and build a presence in those spots to not only build links but also to generate traffic to your site.

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