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7 Content Strategy Tips to Construct Awesome Product Pages & Boost Sales

Almost everyone with a website by now is well aware that they need great content on their site to get traffic, inform their visitors and make more sales. Unfortunately the exact ‘how-to’ of accomplishing this is murky territory. Most companies just slap a blog on their site, pay some writer to keep it stocked with fresh content and call it a day.

Content Marketing Strategy

This is fine and can work in a lot of situations but there’s just one problem.

A blog is usually a separate entity from the site itself and this can make it tough to get the visitor to make the leap from reader to buyer. This is why we recommend a more integrated approach where the content and products are a unified entity. You can create killer product pages full of useful information, images, videos and other content to keep your readers entertained and informed, but also…buying from you!

Here are some of your top tips to ensure you pull it off well:

1. Reviews Rock

Make it easy for your readers to add their opinion in the form of reviews. This not only adds a huge dose of social proof to your pages increasing the likelihood of people buying, but it also generates free, unique content for Google to factor into their rankings. And best of all, you didn’t have to produce it.

2. Videos Rule

Many top marketers believe that having a video on a product page increases sales and decreases refunds. This makes sense since a video can explain how a product works much more simply and easily than a written description ever could, making people more comfortable with buying it. Zappos saw a 10% increase in conversions after adding videos to their product pages – and these were with staff, not professional models or actors at all. You can do the same thing.

3. Keep It Unique

If you have an ecommerce site the worst thing you can do is just copy the provided product description that the supplier gave you and use it verbatim on your site. Rather take the time to tweak it for your audience so it hits home better. This will also get you more organic traffic from Google since it’s unique.

4. Images With Personality

Instead of just slapping some boring product photos that the supplier gives you onto your site, why not give them your own twist by creating your own? You don’t have to be the world’s best photographer to pull this off either. If you’re selling hats, then put them on your staff, make them pull a stupid face and snap a pic. This will go a long way to bond with your audience.

5. Link It Up

Make sure related articles on your site are easily accessed through smart linking from your product pages. So if you were selling thermal socks for example, you could link to an article you wrote on the top ten best pairs of thermal socks under $10. This will add to their knowledge on the topic and help them come to a buying decision much more quickly.

6. FAQ

A really simple, plain language FAQ can work wonders to help a customer answer a quick question that would otherwise prevent them from buying. A good example would be someone who wants to buy an energy sports bar but cannot find if it has peanuts in it (which he’s allergic to). This makes him very reserved about spending his money on it, in case he can’t eat it when it arrives. However, if he sees an FAQ in the sidebar, he would find that his exact question is the third one answered on the list (that it doesn’t contain any peanuts) and this makes him buy it on the spot. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to put a buyer off a purchase, so fill in those last minute blanks and watch sales soar!

7. Related Products

We humans shop in a very strange way. We rarely go in a straight line to what we want, buy it and leave. We like to compare one product to another, read the specs, check prices and look around to see if there’s a better deal to be had. Take advantage of this by displaying related products at the bottom of the page just like Amazon does.

So there you go! Add these tactics to your own product pages and make more money in 2013.

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  1. Nick Stamoulis on February 20th, 2013 7:05 pm

    Reviews don’t always end up on the product page. Instead they show up in the form of Facebook comments and Tweets at the company. In monitoring your social media, keep an eye out for reviews of your products (both good and bad). Use this as an opportunity to put the good reviews on the product page and engage with the customers that weren’t 100% happy with the product.

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