Where to Submit Your Site to Improve Your Local SEO?

Did you know?

  • 20% of the searches performed on Google are for a local business
  • That percentage sky-rockets to 40% when we’re talking mobile

Gone are the days when only 10 plain listings are obtained on the results page. Now you see the authors’ pictures, videos, rich snippets, and…LOCAL LISTINGS.


As a local business, this is what you should be concerned with (the local listings). Why? Because these are where most of the eyeballs go, and where they tend to spend some time at.

Obtaining a good ranking in the local listings is a slightly different “game”, when compared to getting a good ranking in the organic results. Instead of ‘links’, your business will need ‘citations’. The more citations and mentions your business has, the higher it is going to rank in the local listings. Oh and yeah, your business needs a Google Places page as well (else it won’t show up there).

Once you create a Google Places page for your business, spend some time to make it look good; Fill up all necessary information, upload pictures and videos etc. That’s the easy and fun part. When you are done, it’s time to spread your business’ info around.

The Big Question: Where? Where Can We Obtain Those Citations?

Directories. They are the answer. People look for businesses in directories too. So go ahead and get your business listed in directories (or use a service that can do it for you for cheap!).

If you are in the united State of America, here is a list of 20 local directories  where you can start your submissions:

Stalk Your Competitors

Find out where your competitors are getting listed. You can do this by simply searching for their business names or phone numbers (using quotation marks will help most of the time).

Be creative. Sometimes add the area code to see what comes up. Use a mix of address and phone number, or street name and zip code, etc. Different queries will bring different results. And don’t forget to check out “Page 2” of the results as well to see stuff that are less specific to the actual business.

Local Blogs and Social Media Pages

Blogs and social media make up a huge portion of the web. They affect organic rankings and it looks like they influence local listings too. With that in mind, you want your business info to be on there too.

To begin with, have the info on your own blogs and pages. Your business name, address, phone number, opening hours etc. should be clear on your blog, preferably in text format so that the search engine crawlers can pick up on it. Same thing applies to your Facebook page, Google + profile, Twitter etc.

Next, try to get listed on social media pages and local blogs. Simply perform a search for “city name + blog” or “city name + facebook” to get some initial results. Then you may try to dig deeper by searching for “niche + blog + city name” (for example: food + blog + new york).

If you have a partnership with other businesses, you could ask them to mention your business (and its info) on their page or blog as well.

Local Newspapers

You must be thinking “How are these ugly prints going to help my business have a better ranking in the local listings?”

Here is the thing. Newspapers are not “ugly prints” only anymore. They have a website. They have a blog. They have a social media page.

Some of them have a business listings section; others have a calendar listings section. Try to get listed in as many places as possible (without spamming of course)

Small Reminder

Be consistent with your information. If you use “Street”, use that everywhere, and do not interchange with “St.”. Same with “Avenue” or “Av.”, and with phone numbers as well (be consistent with spaces and brackets).

Getting citations does look like a bit of hard work, but hey, that’s some time (or money) investment to tap into a stream of traffic that is actually looking for the products and services you are offering. So…just do it!

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