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Link Building When Launching A New Site | A Quick Guide

linkbuildingOne of the hardest tasks when launching a new site is generating a nice influx of links pointing to it.  This can perhaps be explained by the fact that when you are launching a new site, there are like 12,000 things you need to worry about especially if you are changing the URL structure or domain name of an existing website. It’s easy to overlook the fact that once ready, you will need to promote the new site to drive enough traffic to it.

1. Generate Links Internally

No matter the type of business you run, you already have a number of people who you know will definitely share any content you post pertaining to the launch of a new site. This includes but is not limited to the people who work for your company. Ask them to share your content (and link back to you) on their blogs or social accounts.

2. Teasers are Useful

Prior to launching a website, consider developing a few promotional teasers. These can be blog posts, infographics, pictures or videos posted regularly in the weeks leading up to the big day. Some people even share screenshots of their new site being built on the social media sites, especially Instagram and Facebook.

This way, you generate both social traffic AND quality links.

3. Pre-launch reviews

Another way of generating relevant links to a new site you are building is to reach out to the industry influencers for their opinion and to dry run your site before it hits the web. Your best bet for finding these relevant people is FollowerWonk. Ask the people to review your site and blog on their blog. This feedback is more valuable than most links you will get elsewhere.

4. Post-launch promotions

Based on the most recent updates to the Google Link Scheme help document, press releases and advertorials can now hurt your rankings in the SERPs. However, if you are launching a new site, that’s very newsworthy. The launch of a new website is therefore the perfect time to revisit an old time favorite link building opportunity: Press releases. They still build great links if they are relevant, useful and non-spammy.

5. Directory listings

Web directories that index and list websites into relevant categories are considered useful by the search engines (that’s because people actually use them on a day-to-day basis).

A good way to build quality links is to have your website listed in high quality directories.

6. Local links

If you are targeting a specific geographic area, links from local sites will help – local directories, related local businesses, mentions on “local” social accounts – they will all build your “local authority” and help you rank higher when people search for the keywords you target in your area.

7. Link Baiting

Here is what Wikipedia says about link baits:

Link bait is any content or feature, within a website, designed specifically to gain attention or encourage others to link to the website. Matt Cutts defines link bait as anything “interesting enough to catch people’s attention.” Link bait can be an extremely powerful form of marketing as it is viral in nature.

So yeah, another way to build links is to design content that is specifically built for that. A few examples of what people love linking to are:

– Infographics (Who doesn’t find them appealing?)

– News hooks (fresh news about interesting stuff always spreads out wide – this is how you know Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson even if you are not a fan of basketball or pop – from news)

– Rare and controversial tips and information that can benefit people

You know you’ve shared stuff before! So do bloggers, news outlets and content curaters!

In Conclusion

If you are launching a new site, you may be looking at search engine optimization for people to find your business. With the latest Penguin updates, it is not as easy as it used to be to build links to a site. In this article, we covered 7 ways you can generate quality links pointing to a new site. Try them and let us also know if you would like to share any other tactic that you found useful.

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