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The Latest Google AdWords Innovations

In the last couple of years, technology has made the world a much more interconnected place. People are now constantly connected, moving almost seamlessly between apps, sites and even screens while on the go. For small and large advertisers alike, this means that the definition of what makes a good ad has changed. Today, the best ads are more than just messages sent to various devices. Ads are now a medium through which advertisers can connect to their potential customers through information and content shared at the right place, at the right time.


On April 22, 2014, Google added some big changes to the AdWords platform. These new products, while they caused serious concern among advertisers before they rolled out, proved to be some really cool features that will help advertisers around the world to grow their businesses and find new customers.

New Features Targeted at Mobile Apps

In this day and age of technology, people live a major part of their life online, looking for the content, information and solutions that are most useful for them. Sometimes this content is on websites. Other times though, the content is in mobile apps.

For years Google has offered popular formats through which advertisers can promote their app. This includes Google search ads and their AdMob network. Now, the next generation of Google search ads features is here along with that of Google’s Display Network and YouTube.

The New Features

1. Better Discovery

For advertisers looking to drive app downloads and app installs on the AdMob network, Google now enables you to reach people who are more likely to turn into customers based on the apps they use, the frequency with which they use those apps and the types of in-app purchases they make. On YouTube, Google is also enabling app installs as an enhancement to the current TrueView offering.

2. Easier Re-engagement

Did you know that over 80% of downloaded apps are used only once and then deleted?


This means that when it comes down to it, lots of businesses are able to get their apps onto people’s devices but they might never actually make a sale or see these potential customers again. Through the new app re-engagement campaign in AdWords, advertisers can now increase usage of downloaded apps. You can now push consumers into apps they’ve already installed for both search and display.

3. Enhanced Measurement

In AdWords, advertisers can now also measure conversions across the entire life cycle of their app, from install to re-engagement to in-app purchases.

The Significance of Better Measurement

In 2013, Google introduced Estimated Total Conversions to help businesses and advertisers measure the full value of their campaigns. This includes phone calls and conversions that occur across devices.

The feedback from Estimated Total Conversions has been great enough that Google is now going to keep investing in this product. As more and more people search for local businesses online and then go in store to make purchases, Google is further testing ways to measure the effectiveness of search ads at driving in-store sales.

In the coming months, this particular AdWords product is going to make more and more businesses see the value in local information like directions, promotions and offers.

Enterprise-class Features

For businesses in pursuit of new customers, the increase in constant connectivity means that the scale of your campaigns is growing. To match that change, Google AdWords now boasts enterprise-class workflow, reporting, and optimization tools.

1. More Bulk Actions

With the new Google AdWords bulk capabilities for extensions and settings, advertisers can now easily set up campaign settings like location targeting and ad rotation across multiple campaigns. This should be particularly useful during that time of year when big seasonal promotions happen.

2 Automated Bidding

Automated bidding is now a feature of Google AdWords to help businesses maximize their conversions or the total value of their conversions. For example, if you are a car maker, you can, from here on, set up your campaign to allocate your budget. In this way, you maximize the number of people who visit your site to design a custom vehicle.

3. Advanced Reporting

To help advertisers and businesses analyze their data better, AdWords now provides new multidimensional data analysis and visualization tools making it a distinct possibility for you to turn your data into tables, graphs and charts. You can then download them and share them with your teams.

4. Do your Own Testing

And finally, one of the most interesting features rolled out is that AdWords now offers businesses an incredible platform to test and tweak live campaigns. Prepare ideas for your campaigns and see what they’ll look like. Experiment with almost anything from bid changes to new keywords and different kinds of ad formats.

Google AdWords, if it was a useful tool in the hands of advertisers before is now downright delicious with a side of salad. AdWords is now delivering useful information to people at the right moment and helping businesses succeed. These new features announced in April are still in the process of being fully rolled out.

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