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Don’t Stop Your Directory Submissions Just Yet – 8 Common Misconceptions Cleared!


Misconceptions About Directory SubmissionsTime and again, with various Google updates, people tend to reconsider their linking strategies. More often than not, a question that pops into people’s minds with regards to directory links is “Are directory submissions still worth it? Should I continue?” There are one too many misconceptions about directory links that need to be cleared before taking a decision.

Myth 1: Directory links are of no value anymore

Fact: We’ll be the first to agree that directory links have lost some value over the years. They used to be a lot more valuable earlier. However, it cannot be said that they have absolute zero value now. If that were the case, then many sites still using directory submissions as part of their linking strategy wouldn’t rank for some of their target terms. What we’ve seen and observed:

  • Websites with a solid and diversified backlink profile and that were not ranking for certain terms, started ranking for those terms targeted “exclusively” with directory submissions
  • Websites with little to no links and who did their submissions targeting multiple long tail terms, started seeing ranking results as well for those terms

So they do help, you just need to use it as one of the many linking strategies to help diversify your backlink profile. Also important to note, you need to target multiple terms (not focusing on one or two terms) and those terms should preferably not just consist of broad-based big volume keywords but also some long tail key terms.

Myth 2: Too many directory links are bad for your site

Fact: They say “too much of one thing is a bad thing” and this saying would apply to any linking strategy you choose to adopt. Search engines are increasingly giving importance to link diversity, so if your link profile has only one type of link, it may not look natural and could be suspicious. So too many directory links wouldn’t be bad for your site unless those were the absolute and only links you had to your site, in which case they would not count for as much as when you’d have a diverse link portfolio.

Myth 3: You should not make too many submissions at a time

Fact: This would depend on the site being submitted. If it’s a brand new site with little in terms of backlinks, then we’d recommend using our “spread over 5 weeks” option when placing an order or using the “monthly 100 submissions” subscription option. This would ensure links come in slow and steady and in the mean time you could focus on other linking strategies as well. While, if it’s an established site, we’ve observed that it doesn’t really matter if you submit to all directories on our list at a time because the directories anyway take a long time to approve the links – some approve within a week but many take weeks and months before the links are approved – and so you wouldn’t get all your links at once, as many people think.

Myth 4: Manual submissions can be replaced by automated directory submissions

Fact: We’ve seen many people falling to the allure of automated link building software but it just won’t help and we’d strongly recommend against it. Automated software tools blast your site off to thousands of directories in a few minutes and they i) do not select the best categories in each directory, ii) have no respect for the directory specific submission guidelines and iii) only submit to directories with no captcha. The well-managed directories always have some sort of blocks in place for automated software tools, like the use of “captcha”, a mathematical equation, etc. that can only be filled in accurately by humans.

Myth 5: You can build links only to your homepage from directories

Fact: While there are so many directories that list only home page links, there are a sizable number of directories (especially paid/premium directories) that allow submitting your inner pages. This would help in diversifying your link portfolio, in that you could build a few links to your inner pages as well, which are otherwise not the easiest thing to do. Using our “paid directory service” [where you can submit to top quality paid directories at discounted rates], you could submit inner pages as add-on links along with your homepage link.

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How Directory Submissions Can Help Diversify Your Backlink Profile

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Link Diversity in SEOLink diversity has become all the more important in SEO now than ever before and should take more of your attention, especially after the recent Google algorithm updates. Earlier, it was possible to focus on just a few target terms and build a large number of links from similar sites to get your site to rank on Google. However, you’d now need a much more diverse backlink profile to help you rank on top.

Link diversity is all about making your backlink profile look as natural to the search engines as possible, wherein you have links from different types of sites and each targeting a variety of terms.

As a webmaster or an SEO professional, you need to build links using various tactics such as guest posting, link bait tactics (e.g. infographics, widgets, etc.), forum contributions, press mentions, directory listings etc. The more tactics you incorporate into your linking strategy, the better the chances of your backlink profile looking more natural.

The role directory submissions can play in helping diversify your backlink profile and helping your link portfolio look more natural has always been understated. There are more than one ways in which directory submissions can help diversify your link profile.Though directories are collectively considered a single link profile, practically they offer diversity in the following ways:

  • You get links from a number of unique domains since there are a large number of directories to which your site could be submitted.
  • These directories are hosted in different geo-locations and IPs thus giving you links from sites hosted in different parts of the globe.
  • You can vary your anchor text by using multiple titles and descriptions: this is something you can use to your advantage with directory submissions, controlling the diversity of your anchor text profile by using as many titles and descriptions as you can with your submissions.
  • Each directory has its own unique set of categories and your site would be listed in each directory’s own relevant category. For example, your real estate website could be submitted in the “Real Estate” category in Directory A andthe “Business – Properties” category in Directory B and so on. This would make each link look unique in its own way.
  • There are niche directories which are industry specific and which can get you links with a high relevancy score.
  • Premium directories are generally high quality and high PR paid directories that allow you to build links to your home page as well as inner pages: getting links to your inner pages can help further diversify your backlink profile to make it look more natural.
  • Not all links are approved at once since each directory has its own editorial timeframe before the links are put up, thus ensuring that you get links on an ad-hoc basis with no set pattern. This makes your “link graph” look more progressive instead of all your links coming at a single point of time.

Since directory submissions can help to a large extent in diversifying your link portfolio, it’s something that you should perhaps consider incorporating as a regular feature in your linking strategy. You don’t want to lose out on opportunities to diversify your link base while you can. Though it’s also worth mentioning that you don’t want to be relying on it as the only linking strategy because then the whole point of “diversity” would be lost. So it’s important to maintain a balance.

P.S. – While doing submissions, use as many titles & descriptions as you can write (or have us write) because that will go a long way in making your backlink profile look more natural.

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“The team at Directory Maximizer is quite professional, we are using their services from the last 3 years and they have worked round the clock to add value to our search engines rankings. Their pricing structure is remarkable as compared to several other service providers. I wish them all the best in their future projects.”

– Mayank Goyal


Rudra Centre was founded in the year 1997 with the sole idea of enlightening people about the merits of Rudraksha and help them understand the scientific and practical usage of Rudraksha. It commits to supplying good and genuine quality Rudraksha to people worldwide.

Requirement & Challenges

With two important keywords to rank for, and a task  in hand to enhance the site’s exposure in this competitive domain, needed to be smart about their link-building strategy. From the onset, Mr. Goyal was very much clear about what he wanted to achieve. He had a clear vision of ranking high for his targeted keywords. Along with that, he also wanted to increase the visibility of his site which was much needed due to the competitive nature of the industry he is in.

Action Taken

Mr. Goyal wanted to have variety in his backlink profile so keeping this in mind we used different link building processed to build links for

• General Directory Submission – We submitted to quality search engine friendly directories which give out permanent one-way links and are constantly indexed by Google and other popular search engines. These submissions were done regularly over time & was not a one-time activity which sends out a signal to the search engines that the site is cared for.

• Social Bookmarking Submissions – The social bookmarking links ensured that the site got instant visibility and exposure which helped a lot in increasing traffic to the site.

• Custom Link Building – On Mr. Goyal’s request we also sourced a list of  niche websites & directories only relates to his website’s topic & built links from them. Getting links from relevant websites from the same niche is considered valuable by the search engines & these links have no doubt helped tremendously in increasing it’s rankings.

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Why Directory Submissions are Effective even after Google’s Penguin Update


Finally Google has launched it’s much anticipated ‘webspam update’ and named it after the cute bird Penguin.  The entire SEO fraternity – blogosphere, Twittersphere and SEO forums are abuzz with reactions to this update. Google says it is fighting web spam, but we really don’t know how effective this update is. In case you were caught up with something else last week, get a quick overview from here. We have had a couple of customers asking us how directory submissions and links obtained using this tactic are affected with this update.

What is the Penguin Update?

Let’s take a quick snapshot of the Penguin update to begin with.  The update aims to punish sites that are detected with the following issues.

  1. Inbound links from dangerous sites
  2. Aggressive exact-match anchor text
  3. Low-quality article marketing & blog spam
  4. Keyword stuffing

Over the last 6 years of our existence, we have seen several search engine updates, especially from Google and directories have survived all these updates. I agree, the value of links from directories is not the same what they used to be then, but it still remains relevant. The key component of modern search engine algorithms is backlinks. The number and quality of backlinks remain the most important factor to calculate rankings. Many of our own sites, including have a link profile which is dominated by links from quality directories.

A step back – What are Directories actually?

Web directories are basically sites where you get information classified across categories. Not many people may be using it to ‘search’ for information these days, but the very purpose of directories cannot be ignored at all. For example, if you are part of a trade or industry association,  how would the organization maintain an online list of its members without taking a ‘directory’ approach? Or how would an educational institution share a list of its alumnus? Or how an event website can maintain a list of participants and sponsors for a mega event?  Check out some of these sites to know how a ‘directory’ kind of approach is invaluable.

The point which I am trying to make is, just because a website has a directory approach to maintain its content, it does not become spammy and no search engine has ever considered it so.

There’s no denying the fact that these days web directory listings have the added (or primary) objective of link building, and many have made use of this loophole to abuse the system by using automated submission tactics and softwares.

Directory Submission Process

So what would constitute “safe” link building? In a nutshell, you find a site that’s relevant to your site and request them to link to your content or they find your site to be useful and link to you. A manual directory submission process also follows a similar process–

manual link building process

So, our role is nothing but help you with this tedious task. We have developed an expertise in this process, over the years and we offer it as a service to webmasters to save their valuable time.

Are directory links good or safe after the Penguin update?

Broadly, there are two kinds of directories.

Free directories Paid directories
Where you don’t pay anything to get listed. You   are granted a listing if the editor of the directory  finds your site suitable. These directories have high authority and in order to meet their expenses of maintaining their staff and other expenses, they charge a fee for listing.

The first category is obviously not paid links. The very objective of second category is not to charge for links, but a listing fee which is part of their revenue model. Can’t these links be considered safe then? Would you consider your $1000 annual membership in a local industry association (where you get a link) unsafe? Would you consider the link you get from sponsoring a mega event where you expect to get a huge exposure by paying $50000 a spammy tactic in that case?

The fact is, as long as you follow the directory guidelines and general SEO principles, directories are a good source of backlinks. But, consider these facts to be on a safer side –

  1. Make sure directories are indexed – If a directory itself is indexed and cached by search engines, it’s defintely safer to get listed there than getting listed in directories that are not indexed. All the directories in our list pass this test every 15- 20 days. If a directory is found not indexed or cached, we immediately drop it from our list. Check out our updated list of directories with number of pages indexed in each.
  2. Spread your submissions – Our customers have the option to spread submissions across 5 weeks or across a year so that your link building process is more natural and progressive. As a proactive measure, we have slowed down our submission process by 10 days already. Moreover, different directories have different approval policies and the approvals won’t happen on a single day.
  3. Vary anchor text – Using our service, you can provide up to 20 titles (which will be used as anchor texts) and descriptions. Make use of this to ensure your link profile is built with multiple anchor texts. It’s also recommended to build some links with natural phrases that would include your official site name and not only target the big money keywords.
  4. Diverse link profile – Directory submission is just one part of entire SEO process and link building tactics. Diversify your links using tools like guest blogging, niche directory submission, social bookmarking, networking etc.
  5. Link to Inner pages – All your links should not be pointing to the homepage.  Build links to relevant inner pages of your site as well.
  6. Avoid Automated Submissions – Stay away from automated submission tools, software and link networks.

Apart from the above, make sure your site follows all these on-page factors.

To summarize, directory submission is still relevant and to make it more search engine friendly, we have made the following changes in our system.

  1. Our directory selection process has become more stringent. Apart from a whole set of parameters we have been following, we have added this – check if the directory is indexed and cached by search engines. If a directory is good in the eyes of search engines, the links from it should help in some way. See our updated directory list here.
  2. Our submission process is slowed down – we have put internal restrictions to the number of directories a site is submitted in a day to ensure the same site is not submitted to many directories within a short period of time.

While we’re trying to adapt our services continually to help you get better results, from your end, you might have to make changes in the way you go about your link building by incorporating some of the suggestions above like: varying your anchor text, diversifying your link profile with other link sources, etc. so that you get the full benefit of our services.

Case Study: Children’s E-Commerce Websites Get Top Rankings for 20 Keywords after Directory Submissions

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“Having used your service in the past, we as a company have found the solution, and the service that Maximizer provides to second to none.  We are convinced that the links that have been built have managed to secure top rankings for our sister site and we are fully prepared to support Maximizer and the team behind their link building service.

In fact come April once the sale of New Baby Gift Boxes is completed we will be engaging Maximizer to start work on a new business model.  I have no doubts whatsoever that this solution has played an underlying part in securing top 1, 2, 3 positions for my previous businesses.

I would also be more than happy to be used as a point of reference should ever Maximizer need me to talk to any new prospective clients.”

– Ashley Ayling


The above mentioned sites are websites selling children’s gift products online. They have a huge range of top-class gifts and toys for children and specialize in a wide range of gift hampers, each lovingly packaged and presented in a variety of different ways.

Requirement & Challenges

There are thousands of children’s e-commerce websites in the market, so how do we get and to have top rankings for multiple competitive keywords? That was our main challenge. The main aim of the campaign was to improve search engine rankings for some targeted keywords which would consequently increase the traffic to the sites.

Action Taken

Ms.Ayling was extremely passionate about these 2 sites and wanted to optimize them in the best possible way. She was also very smart about building links for her site and followed 3 best practices while building links. Here are her best practices which if followed will help get any site to the top:

1. Target Multiple Keywords: She targeted different keyword variations for her submissions. As we have mentioned in other case studies, many people make the mistake of targeting only one or two keywords and reduce their chances of being found for other relevant keyword searches. Try to cover all keywords while building links as you have the chance of ranking for many more keyword, thereby increasing traffic to your site ten folds.

2. Build Links Regularly: Ms. Ayling build links regularly over time. Unlike many of us who do link building one time and forget about it for years, she was diligent and made sure that her links were built consistently over a period of time.

3. Getting Links from Different Types of Websites: It is advisable to get links from different types of websites rather than getting all your links from similar websites. Ms. Ayling placed orders for all the different submission services we offer.

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Case Study: Directory Maximizer Helps a Guitar, a Healthcare & a Counselling Site Reach Top Rankings in Search Engines


“Over the years I have used many SEO services, Directory Maximizer stands out from the crowd because they are constantly improving their service, adding new directories and features. I’ve used almost every service they provide – I’ve even hired them to research and submit my sites to custom lists of directories. One of the best services they now have is the niche directory service. Most of all, my sites went up a few rankings and I am receiving more organic traffic every day.”

– Skyler Christensen


It’s a fairly new site having lot of quality content and insights. It provides detailed information on guitars like best practices, how to choose a guitar, guitar care, expert tips etc.

As the name suggests, this site is all about combating morning sickness and tips on health care during pregnancy.

This site revolves around consultation and proper guidance to teenagers and bridging the gap between a parent and a child. It’s more about bringing the best out of every teenager and leading them towards successful lives.

Requirement & Challenges

Although these 3 sites are very different in nature as well as their subject matter, they were similar in the fact that they did not have many back-links pointing to them and were not rankings for their keywords. There was very little off-page optimization done for these sites and because of less links with relevant anchor texts, these 3 sites were not ranking for any of the terms they were targeting. However, Mr. Christensen was very passionate for his sites and wanted to put in all his effort to improve their search engine rankings. It is always a pleasure working with customers who are passionate about their websites and we were also more than happy to help him in his journey.

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Case Study: Directory Maximizer Helps a Telecommunications & VOIP Website Rank Number 1 for it’s Keywords


“I was recommended to Directory Maximizer by an SEO colleague of mine, he said it was amongst the best. I gave it a try and he was true to his word, the website has been climbing the serps ever since. I was so impressed with my results  that I bought all the directory entries.  Today I have over 38 keywords on page 1 of Google, needless to say my business has grown four folds.  One word RECOMMENDED!”

– Jalal Miah


Requirement & Challenges

Sites on Telecommunications and Business VoIP Providers are abundant in the web. It is not at all easy to rank in the top 10 results for keywords in this sector as it is an extremely competitive market.

Action Taken
Mr. Miah wanted to cover different link profiles while building links to his site, so he placed orders for all the different submission services we offer. This way, he ensured he does not get link only from one or two similar types of sites.

Another smart thing Mr. Miah did and which I would advise everyone to follow, is targeting multiple keywords. He smartly targeted different keyword variations for his submissions. Many people make the mistake of targeting only one or two keywords and reduce their chances of being found for other relevant keyword searches. Try to cover all keywords while building links as you have the chance of ranking for many more keyword, thereby increasing traffic to your site ten folds.

Here are the different link building processes we executed for XINIX:

•    General Directory Submission – We submitted XINIX to quality search engine friendly directories which give out permanent one-way links and are constantly indexed by Google and other popular search engines.

•    Niche Directory Links – We also submitted the site to hand-picked Niche Directories related to the site’s topic as it is a well-known fact that search engines give more value to links from relevant sites. Getting links from these niche directories definitely helped in improving it’s search engine rankings.

•    High PR Paid Directory Links – We helped XINIX get links from high PR quality web directories. The links from these directories are highly valued by the search engines as these sites are extremely selective about who they link out to.

•    Social Bookmarking Submissions – The social bookmarking links ensured that the site got instant visibility and exposure which helped a lot in increasing traffic to the site.

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