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With the year coming to a close and we approaching the New Year, a festive mood is slowly setting in and the recession seems to have taken a back seat. Incidentally Directory maximizer had a surprise visitor who wanted us to to submit everybody’s websites at a bargain!!!! Yes you got it right… we had Santa himself stop by for the first time at Directory Maximizer making it the most memorable Christmas ever. In all the excitement of Santa amongst us we at Directory Maximizer forgot our math and announced our first ever seasonal discount bonanza!

Here’s what Santa had us come up with after a whole lot of brainstorming:

Special Offer

Unfortunately Santa has set the deadline as the 15th of Dec 2008 for the party to end. Make the most of it as the clock is ticking fast. Hurry, log on to your account or register now to avail this discount. With Santa its never been easier to outrun your competitors so cheap.