Directory Maximizer Launches Its New Social Bookmarking Service – Social Maximizer


Directory Maximizer is thrilled to announce the launch of its new Social Bookmarking service, Social Maximizer on the 20th May ’09.

Social Maximizer, Social Bookmarking service

Having recently revamped Directory Maximizer to give it a classy new look, we have since been working hard to come up with the best social bookmarking service for you.  However, before going into the launch, a quick note on what social bookmarking is.

Social Bookmarking is the practice of saving your bookmarks online using a public website rather than doing it on your home/office PCs and categorizing (tag) them according to their content. With Social Bookmarking you can not only bookmark your favorites; you can share them with others as well. You can share your bookmarks with your specific group of acquaintances or with a network of people, with the lever of privacy in your hands. Another advantage of Social Bookmarking is that it is not necessary to submit only the home page URL, you can submit any page from your site or blog, you can even submit a particular article or post if you want. You can submit the page for which you want maximum exposure and as more and more like minded people view and share your bookmark, the traffic to this page increases. This fact has been well recognized by website owners and affiliates and they have been using this tactic to get more and more traffic to their site.

Having seen the rage with which the bookmarking fever was spreading across the internet, Directory Maximizer wanted its esteemed clients to benefit from it as well and it was then, that we decided on the concept of Social Maximizer.

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Directory Maximizer’s got a New Look!


So, we FINALLY have a new look…

Directory Maximizer's Old & New Look
When we started off, close to three years ago, the least of our priorities was the design, since we always believed that if the service offering was good, people would definitely come, irrespective of the design. And boy did they come (till date we’ve had over 45,000 user sign-ups)! However, there was a section of these users who thought that the site design was old-school, to which we quite agreed as well, just that we never got down to changing it.

So now, we decided that it’s about time… We first launched a contest on a popular design site for a new logo and once that was done we brain-stormed on different layouts, colors, headers, etc. The idea on the layout was to keep it really simple for the user and make it much more user-friendly. The color always had to be on the lines of the existing site, since we wanted to make the transition a smooth one, for all our old clients. Then, my favourite part… The header, the idea out here was to do away with the standard headlines, and depict the benefits of using our service through images. Once this was done, everything else was a cake walk…

Now that we have a new look, please please please do give us your feedback and let us know what you think! More importantly, if you do come across any bugs, do inform us immediately…

Last but not the least, a big thank you to each and every one of you for your support in taking Directory Maximizer to where it is today!