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Directory Maximizer is thrilled to announce the launch of its new Social Bookmarking service, Social Maximizer on the 20th May ’09.

Social Maximizer, Social Bookmarking service

Having recently revamped Directory Maximizer to give it a classy new look, we have since been working hard to come up with the best social bookmarking service for you.  However, before going into the launch, a quick note on what social bookmarking is.

Social Bookmarking is the practice of saving your bookmarks online using a public website rather than doing it on your home/office PCs and categorizing (tag) them according to their content. With Social Bookmarking you can not only bookmark your favorites; you can share them with others as well. You can share your bookmarks with your specific group of acquaintances or with a network of people, with the lever of privacy in your hands. Another advantage of Social Bookmarking is that it is not necessary to submit only the home page URL, you can submit any page from your site or blog, you can even submit a particular article or post if you want. You can submit the page for which you want maximum exposure and as more and more like minded people view and share your bookmark, the traffic to this page increases. This fact has been well recognized by website owners and affiliates and they have been using this tactic to get more and more traffic to their site.

Having seen the rage with which the bookmarking fever was spreading across the internet, Directory Maximizer wanted its esteemed clients to benefit from it as well and it was then, that we decided on the concept of Social Maximizer.

The working of Social Maximizer is almost the same as Directory Maximizer. If you are a customer of Directory Maximizer you don’t need to register in Social Maximizer as a new user, you can use your Directory Maximizer details to login and proceed. However, if you have not registered with Directory Maximizer you need to register in Social Maximizer as a new user. After the registration process all you have to do is complete these 2 simple steps; Add your site and choose Submission Options. We charge 19 cents per bookmark, making us one of the lowest in the market. The minimum order value is $5, which gets you approximately 26 bookmarks.

In case you have a new website, social bookmarking can help get you traffic in a relatively short span of time, because they’re already well established sites with thousands of visitors on a daily basis. Your site will get exposure to all this traffic by simply having your site bookmarked with them.

So folks, get ready to begin the journey of Social Bookmarking with us and enjoy the traffic that is sure to come your way. Sit tight till the 20th of May ’09!

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2 Responses to “Directory Maximizer Launches Its New Social Bookmarking Service – Social Maximizer”

  1. phil on May 29th, 2009 3:30 pm

    So, what exactly is a bookmark? In my browser it’s just a list of links. To submit to a social bookmarking site, via your service, do I give you urls? Or cut and paste in one of my web pages? Or a blog page, which may have several entries? Or is it something else entirely. I think I would rather get exposure for the web site itself, rather than my blog.

    If you had an example for me to look at I’m sure that would help. Thanks!

  2. maximizer on January 25th, 2011 12:01 pm

    Hi Phil,

    Thank you for reading our blog & here are the answers to your questions:

    1. Social bookmarking can very simply be explained as a method where Internet users store their favorite pages on these “bookmark” sites online. Users also have the option of sharing these pages with their network of friends. In other words, you store your favorite websites or web pages as ‘bookmarks’ or ‘favorites’ on Social Bookmarking sites online instead of your desktop computers or laptops, making them accessible anywhere you go. With Social Bookmarking you can store, organize and manage your bookmarked sites for social viewing and also browse through others’ bookmarks and add them to your list of bookmarks. Not only that you can also share your bookmarks with your friends or a network of people.
    From a site owner’s point of view, Social Bookmarking has become one of the most important methods to get traffic to your site & to build quality backlinks. In Social Maximizer, we bookmark your site with all the major bookmarking sites like Digg, reddit, StumbleUpon, delicious etc. This bookmark can be viewed & shared by others as well. You can even submit inner pages or a particular article in a page for social bookmarking. All the bookmarks are guaranteed & the majority of bookmarking sites give you search engine friendly links.

    2. Yes, you need to give us the URL of the page of your site which you would like to submit. It can be a home page URL or an inner page URL or the URL of a page containing a single article, it depends on you. We recommend you submit the most interesting & informative page from your site which is more likely to convert visitors.

    We cannot give you examples due to privacy reasons, but you can go to any of the bookmarking sites like or & see the links posted there, your links will also be posted in a similar way in other social bookmarking sites.

    We will be looking forward to doing many social bookmarking submissions for you!

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