Family Friendly Sites Directory


Next up on the Paid Directory Showcase is Family Friendly Sites Directory

FFS directory

A PR6 Paid Directory that caters to a global English speaking audience, Family Friendly Sites (FFS) Directory has been functional for over twelve years. It is unique in the way it places special emphasis on the suitability of its contents with regard to kids and families. The newly revamped FFS directory isn’t merely family friendly, it’s SEO friendly as well. The dedicated FFS staff ensures that each site draws the maximum SEO benefit from the listing.

The image below will give you an insight into how frequently the directory is indexed by search engines like Google.


Below, you will observe that not just the homepage, but even the inner pages of the directory are regularly indexed.

FFS inner page

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SBSN Premium Website Directory

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Continuing our Paid Directory Showcase, as promised in our earlier posts, we present to you, SBSN Online Premium Website Directory.

sbsn directory

SBSN is a PR6 Paid Directory that is over 12 years old. The high PageRank and the age of the site have contributed to a domain authority that is almost unrivaled. As you may already know, search engines favor older sites with authority and regularly index them. Submitting to a regularly indexed directory can help your links get indexed faster and boost your SEO efforts considerably.

The image below will give you an insight into how frequently the directory is indexed by search engines like Google.


Below, you will observe that not just the homepage, but even the inner pages of the directory are regularly indexed.

SBSN innerpage

A few features that recommend SBSN:

  • This easily navigable site is clutter free and boasts of an impeccably well-organized category structure.
  • It’s an English language dictionary targeting a global audience, but non-English sites can be submitted as well, to the Regional category.
  • The directory enforces strict guidelines to ensure the site is spam free. Sites with adult, warez, gambling or any kind of illegal content are banned.
  • All submitted sites undergo manual reviews; even approved sites are regularly reviewed in order to keep the directory free of dead links.
  • The directory allows submission of inner pages and thereby encourages deep linking.

The one-time fee for a regular review at SBSN is $49.99 per submission; with Directory Maximizer’s Paid Directory Submission Service, you get a discount of $5.99 and can have a submission made at a special fee of just $44.00.


Get a hold of this unbeatable deal to have your site submitted to a well-indexed, high PR SEO-friendly directory.

Other Services

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Other Services

In addition to our flagship directory submission service, we offer an array of other services that can assist you in optimizing your sites for search engines.
Some of the other services we offer are:

Social Maximizer

Social Bookmarking has become one of the most important methods to get traffic to your site. In Social Bookmarking, we bookmark your site with all the major bookmarking sites like Digg, reddit, StumbleUpon, delicious etc. and this bookmark can be viewed by and shared with others as well. You can even submit inner pages or a particular article in a page for social bookmarking. We charge 19 cents per bookmark and all the bookmarks are guaranteed. We give you the final link location in the report itself. As more and more people view and share your bookmark, the traffic to your site will increase.
Social bookmarking will give your site instant exposure, links and a fair amount of traffic as well.


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New: Deep Link Submission Service


In a move that will reinforce your belief that Directory Maximizer is indeed the best directory submission service you can find on the Internet, we are rolling out our Deep Link Submission service. Deep linking, as you probably know, is an oft-overlooked method of SEO whose benefits are manifold and long lasting. You, dear customers, can now build links to your inner pages and not limit your SEO efforts to your home page – and we are going to help you do that.

We realize that in the past, we weren’t well-equipped to assist you in your deep linking endeavors, but with this new service we promise you a well-rounded directory submission experience. Before you think that this new service probably comes at a premium, let us assure you, it doesn’t! The price remains the same: 14 cents per submission (16, if you opt for our email-handling service), no hidden costs, no recurring fee. Even the submission process is the same – log in to your account, go to your ‘Add Site’ section & ‘Add’ the inner page link you want to have submitted. Then place a submission order by ‘Submitting’ the same (For a detailed, step-by-step explanation of the ordering process, click here).

We are excited to bring you this deep link submission service, and hope we can successfully aid you in enhancing your link building experience.

7 Clear-Cut Reasons Why You Cannot Ignore Deep Links Anymore!

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Why are deep links important, you ask? Before I can begin to answer that question, I need to define what a deep link is. Any inbound link that points to an inner page of a site is a deep link; it can be either internal or external. For a better part of the SEO history, deep links were overlooked in favor of the more prominent, and heretofore more “popular”, homepage links. But now that the entire SEO-realm is awake to the considerable clout they have on the SERPs, deep links are being hailed as the best SEO method to ever be.

linkThe advantages of deep linking are so patently obvious, I am surprised that it took us this long to be hip to them. By now enough SEO types have written about the mistake we make of overlooking deep links (while cooking up our SEO strategies) that what I am about to say may seem a bit redundant. However, this is my stance on this matter, when it comes to writing about the importance of deep links, redundancy is an invalid concept.

So, why are deep links important, you ask again? Let me count the ways:

1. Traffic, More Traffic!


Deep linking is your key to generating sustainable search traffic. Studies have shown that less than 20% of the search visits land on the home page, the rest land on individual pages. So engaging in deep linking can help you generate 80% more traffic than you already are.

2. Deep Links Can Build Relevance For Your Site

No matter how great the content on your site is, an ill-optimized internal linking structure and a poorly realized linking strategy will negate all the SEO-goodness your site can draw from it. It all boils down to one question: once on your site, can the user easily find what he is looking for? Does your site provide a ready answer to his search query? If you answer is in the negative, then you’ve failed to establish relevance for your site, in spite of having highly relevant content available so freely on your site. Now, if you had engaged in a spot of deep linking, either internal or external, you’d have got full points for relevance. Calibrating your links with your content is of utmost importance in building relevance, and the thing to do is to optimize your inner pages links with the most relevant anchor text. If a search query for ‘Belgian Waffles’ throws up your site in the results, then the link should be one that points to the page with information on ‘Belgian Waffles’, and not a generic link that points to the home page that contains information about, say, ‘Bed and Breakfasts’.

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