7 SEO Predictions For 2010


We are settling nicely into this new year; though things have been turbulent in the real world, the web has enjoyed an easy, peaceful feeling so far – no major upsets or updates (some would argue they are both the same) have happened. Yet, late last year, Matt Cutts was definitive when he mentioned that the Caffeine roll-out can be expected after the holidays. Well, the holidays are over and the second month of the year almost upon us, so, those of you who haven’t yet taken stock of your SEO efforts, now would be a good time to do it. For, though SEO has remained largely unchanged over the years, this year will see some changes wrought to it thanks to the tremendous growth enjoyed by social media, and various developments in search technology. With this post I hope to bring you up to speed on all the changes you can expect to see in SEO this year and tell you just what you should do to claim a place on the SERPs.


1. Social Media Optimization Is The New SEO – This wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone; in the last two years or so, SEOs around the web have come to realize and accept the immense optimization potential that social media offers. Now it’s even more important that you no longer see social media optimization as something that will take away from your SEO effort, but as something that will help boost it. Be it building good backlinks from individual social sites or building a robust network, or developing a strong social media presence with good profiles (that will also help you land on the first page of the search results) or even ensuring you’ve got a piece of the real-time search pie, using social media as a crutch to take forward your SEO efforts will (only) be a good idea.

2. Site Speed And Other On-Page Factors – If you belong to the group of people who think it’s all right to ignore on-page factors, then it is time you changed your way of thinking and got optimizing, the site load time in particular. In their (latest) effort to school the web in good behavior, Google has decided that a slow loading site doesn’t just align itself with their ‘Don’t Be Evil’ policy and hence needs to be ‘penalized’. Site speed will figure prominently in the algo this year, so will the oft-neglected Meta tags. So, get your Webmaster working on tweaking your on-page factors adequately or prepare to miss one crucial ranking opportunity. (Or many, for that matter) Read more

Why Does Google Hate My Site?


Does your site fail to rank on Google despite all your efforts? Does your well-ranking site suddenly disappear from the listing? Is being sidelined by Google affecting your business? Do you think Google hates your site?google-hates-U If your answer to all the questions is yes, I suggest you continue reading and find out just what is going wrong and where, and how you can get yourself some Google love. Google provides more than 80% of all search traffic to a site, a fact that highlights the importance of staying in its good books. Listed below are the possible reasons your site has lost/will lose favor with Google.

1. Your Site Doesn’t Have Enough Quality Content To Entice A Visitor Back To It. Google has always been particular about the quality of the content present on a site. According to the big G, the primary function of a site is to provide useful content to the users, that good content will make users go back to the site for more. As they put it, “Focus on the user and all else will follow”; if your site has Good Quality, Original content, it will help you rank on Google.

2. You Put In Large Chunks Of Content At Once, And Then Go On For Long Intervals Without Refreshing It. An add-on to the earlier point, this has to do with content too. If you are serious about having a user-friendly site, you will update your content regularly, not add a bulk of content at once and then ignore to update/ refresh it at timely intervals. Resorting to such a practice will harm your chances of winning Google’s favor.

3. You Engage In ‘Cloaking’- Your Site Shows Different Information To A Searchbot Than It Shows A Real User. Cloaking ranks on top in the list SEO crimes according to Google. no cloakingThey do not take kindly to the kind of deception that is involved in Cloaking – fooling both users and bots by creating a page or site that will appear different to either party. According to Google, “Cloaking refers to the practice of presenting different content or URLs to users and search engines…Serving up different results based on user agent…[like] Serving a page of HTML text to search engines, while showing a page of images or Flash to users or serving different content to search engines than to users…”. When found out, a ban from the index will be immediate.

4. Your Site Harbors Duplicate Content. Google doesn’t like duplicate content. duplicate contentPeriod. So, every site that is found retaining duplicate content will be penalized; it doesn’t matter which site originally possessed the content in question, and the penalty can be as severe as removal of site from the index. To ensure you aren’t wrongly penalized, avoid using duplicate content and regularly check if your content is being duplicated elsewhere using sites like www.copyscape.com and www.duplicatecontent.net and if you find sites infringing your copyright, file a Notice of Infringement with Google immediately.

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Directory Dawn

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We’ve showcased three paid directories in this space in the past weeks, and as the New Year dawns, we bring a new paid directory to you, appropriately named Directory Dawn (dirdawn.com).

dir dawn
Directory Dawn is a PR6 Paid Directory that prides itself on its reputation of being a high quality directory. In order to maintain this reputation, the people at Directory Dawn strive to constantly uphold their quality standards. As a result, Directory Dawn continues to be an active directory that’s regularly indexed by search engines. Submitting your links to this directory can help your links get indexed faster and significantly aid your SEO efforts.

The image below will give you an insight into how frequently the directory is indexed by search engines like Google:

Below, you will observe that not just the homepage, but even the inner pages of the directory are regularly indexed:

dirdawn inner page

Directory Dawn Features:

  • The directory is free of ads and has a well-planned category structure that’s easy on the eye as well.
  • All submissions are manually reviewed and the directory reserves the right to edit or delete listings that at any point in time are found to be in violation of their rules.
  • Directory Dawn doesn’t approve adult-themed sites or ones that contain adult related content. Gambling and dating sites, as well as sites that endorse alcohol, tobacco, racism, or warez aren’t allowed either.
  • The directory will refund the fee in case a submission is rejected; this doesn’t hold true in the case of an approved listing that is deleted at a later stage.
  • The refund policy doesn’t apply to sites that belong to the categories banned by the directory.

A regular permanent listing on Directory Dawn will set you back by a one-time fee of $46.95 per submission; but with Directory Maximizer’s Paid Directory Submission Service, you can get the same at a discounted fee of just $40.00 and save $6.95.


Don’t let this opportunity go abegging; have your site submitted to this high PR, SEO-friendly paid directory and do your SEO efforts a good turn.