How Long Before Your Directory Submission Efforts Bear Fruit


Over the years, we’ve received mails from frantic customers worried that all the energy they expended on directory submissions had and would come to naught. All because, they couldn’t find any change in the number of backlinks to their sites or any improvement in the sites’ rankings after submissions. Today, with this post, I’d like to allay the fears of anyone who has been similarly disposed or will likely be in the future. Directory Submission is not some quick-fix trick that you can slap on like a Band-Aid and hope to make your SEO better. What Directory Submission offers instead is a long-lasting, albeit slower, SEO-goodness that is virtually impossible to duplicate. And what’s a little wait when the benefits are so bounteous, really? It wasn’t the quick-legged hare, but the slow and steady tortoise that won the race! What I mean to say is slow isn’t always bad, especially when it comes to SEO.

The ‘slow’ benefits from Directory Submission include permanent backlinks to your site, with the anchor text of your choice (I am sure your are well aware of the fact that link building is the most important component of SEO, but building links with the right anchor text is even more important), and an improvement in rankings for the targeted terms. But, yes, it doesn’t happen overnight. Read more

Goldenter – Premium Website Directory

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In this edition of the ongoing Paid Directory showcase, we bring you –, a premium web directory.

Goldenter is a human edited, SEO-friendly paid directory that is a PR6 site as well. Functional since 1998, Goldenter’s age amply contributes to the authority it enjoys. Older sites have more authority and are favored by searchbots, which means links submitted to such directories will be favored as well, and hence indexed faster. Having your site submitted to this quality directory can help optimize your site and at the same time give it adequate exposure.

The image below will give you an insight into how frequently the directory is indexed by search engines like Google:
Below, you will observe that not just the homepage, but even the inner pages of the directory are regularly indexed:

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MedRanks SEO-Friendly Web Directory

Leave a Comment – SEO-friendly Web Directory is the next paid directory to feature in our ongoing Paid Directory showcase.

med homepage
MedRanks is a PR6 Paid Directory that has been online since 2004. A human edited business directory, it is a veritable repository of business resources. As mentioned on their site, their primary aim is to preserve a well-organized category structure for the listings and improve user experience. The Medranks personnel also ensure that the directory remains SEO-friendly at all points in time so that it is regularly indexed by search engines. As is known, submitting links to directories that are regularly indexed can get them indexed as well, and faster too.

The image below will give you an insight into how frequently the directory is indexed by search engines like Google:

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The Importance Of Link Diversity In SEO


Diversity LinkAny SEO worth his salt knows that link building is the key to ranking higher in the Search Engines. So, rather than reiterating the importance of link building in SEO, I’ll move one step further and tell you about maintaining link diversity while building links. Because it is crucial, and also because many of us often don’t understand its importance. So, why is link diversity important?

The answer has to do with the SEO holy grail that is natural backlink profile. When a searchbot finds that a big chunk of all the links pointing to your site come from one site in particular, it doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist before it concludes that your are hand in glove with the said site, and that the link profile you’ve established is far from being natural, even if that were not the case. Needless to say, it can go downhill from there in no time, and you can consequently bid adieu to your dream of ranking high, or ranking at all for that matter! Because hell hath no fury like a search engine duped, and you may find your site being dropped from the index before you can say SEO! Now, even if things weren’t to take such a bad turn, a diverse link profile will get better of a homogeneous on any given day.

Research shows that search engines love sites high on the link diversity factor, which they equate with authority and trust, and index them frequently. If that doesn’t motivate you to increase your link diversity, then you are probably one of those people who won’t even blink if Matt Cutts himself offers to index your site!

Also, by diversity I don’t only mean getting links from different sites, it includes so many other things. So, do yourself a favor and keep these six points in mind while trying to build diverse links to your site: Read more