Perfecting Your Video SEO Strategy


With universal search, Google reinvented themselves as an equal opportunity search engine – allowing search queries vidto return images, news, videos, blogs, local results, shopping sites etc. along with the boring traditional text results. The other search engines soon followed suit, and over the years SEOs have come to realize that optimizing video content gives them a better shot at ranking high for their relevant terms. There are two reasons for this:
a)    Videos are given relatively higher rankings to ensure the search results are consistently ‘blended’.
b)    The competition is relatively lower.
So, if you don’t make use of this opportunity and try optimizing your videos, it won’t be a crime, but it certainly will be a shame.

Having said that, video SEO, if not done the right way can backfire spectacularly. So, on my agenda today is to persuade you to optimize your video content (get you to create new, even) and to show you how to do it. Here are some pointers to help your site become super successful through your videos:

1.    Don’t Forget The Keywords: Just as with regular SEO, keywords are essential to optimize videos too. keywordsIn fact, they may be even more essential than you previously thought. Many of us fail to realize that searchbots can’t ‘read’ videos like they can text, and hence are in no position to decipher the content of a video and make semantic sense of it. Unless you trick it out with appropriate titles and tags, it will go undiscovered and unindexed. To optimize your video content, it is important that you use your targeted keywords in the file name, title, tags, URL, and anchor text. It would also help if you could provide an optimized description of the video, or even part of the transcript on the same page.

2.    Submit Your Sitemap: Another important step in video content optimization is submitting the video sitemap to search engines. This increases the chances of all your videos being indexed considerably. To put it very simple, by submitting the sitemap, you essentially tell the search engines this: “Hey, I have lot of videos on my site, come take a look at them”. Read more

The Importance Of Long-tail Keywords


lonKeywords are essential to SEO. You simply cannot rank (high) without them. But then, you already know that. I am pretty sure you also know that ranking high for a particular keyword is often more difficult than logic suggests it should be. Those of you who have tried in vain for years to rank high for your head keyword of choice know what I am talking about. To those of you who are newly introduced to this wondrous world of SEO, I’ll say this: roll up your sleeves and prepare to wait. Or you can do the smart thing and just target long-tail keywords. You won’t have to deal with all that fierce competition for popular head keywords, and you will be a few steps closer to getting your site rank high.

It comes with one warning: the traffic volumes will be considerably lower than that from a head keyword. But then, the probability of your ranking high for a head keyword is less than unlikely, so the traffic from that keyword will amount to exactly nothing.
Now you do the math and figure out which type of keywords will be more beneficial for your small business.

That’s right, the long-tailed ones. Like my great-great-great-grandma once said, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Read more