SEO Basics Revisited: On-page Optimization


It takes more than just good content to get your website ranked well by search engines. Your site has probably not ranked well enough till now only because your site was not very “understandable” to the search engines. Let’s say there has been a communication gap in between the two. However, it is not an irreversible state… this is a very common problem and can easily be corrected with some ‘On-page Optimization’.

Let me start with the basics and tell you what on-page optimization is. On-page Optimization is the process of modifying content and certain html page optimizationtags of your website to make it more search engine friendly. On-page factors are under your control and can be altered by tweaking the content of your website appropriately. The importance of on-page optimization cannot be stressed enough as it is the basis for search engines to understand the theme and relevance of your website.

Don’t worry, it is not as complicated as it may sound. Let me give you a few crucial points on how to do on-page optimization for your site and be super successful!

Let’s say you have a website that sells used cars, How would you go about optimizing it?

1.    Start with keyword research

What is keyword research? Keyword research is the practice of finding relevant search terms and phrases that people use in conducting searches online and determining the keywords most suited to your website.

So let’s start with your site, since your website targets used car buyers, what words would they type in the search engine? Note down your keywords. It probably includes ‘Buy used cars’, ‘Used cars on sale’, ‘Price of used cars’ etc.

After compiling a list of probable keywords/phrases that your target audience might use in the search engines, you can go one step further & use some great keyword research tools available online. You can try a keyword research tool available on SEO Intelligence which compiles keyword data from various sources online & shows you the kind of keywords & phrases people are searching with & their respective search volumes.  A sample screenshot can be seen below:

seointelligence 2

Using the tool, you will hopefully be able to conclude on certain terms that are not too competitive to target & yet are relevant enough to connect you with your target audience. A more detailed explanation on keyword research will be given in another post shortly.

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