Everything You Wanted to Know About the Bing Business Portal

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If you own a business, having a strong online presence is crucial to make sure you are available to all your customers all around the world, 24 X 7. To streamline your business’s online presence and to make the most out of it, take a look at the all new Bing Business Portal from the famed Microsoft Corporation that was launched on 11 April, 2011. The new Bing Business Portal (BBP) has been created in place of the older Bing Local Listing Center (LLC) and with BBP now in place, all previous, existing listings on LLC have been moved over smoothly to the new BBP platform.

The new version of the Bing Business Portal is Microsoft’s answer to Google Places, Google’s business listing platform. The beta version of this Bing Business Portal packs in a lot of punch for the local business owners to help grow their business.Businesses can now develop and organize all of their Internet listings, among other things. This single action can help ensure your customers and users can easily track you on the Internet, and boost traffic to your website.

How, you ask? Well, with the improved listings on the Bing Business Portal you can enter a good amount of essential details that are new about your business such as supplementary keywords, links to your social profile pages, a link to you core business website, your corporate logo, images of your premises (especially beneficial to the hotel industry where you can showcase the ambiance, parking etc), accepted modes of payment and other business specific information (a glimpse of future service offerings or current services). Businesses can enter up to six additional categories and keywords, this helps to paint a more accurate picture of the business for prospective customers and enhances the relevance of their Bing listing. In so doing, the Bing Business Portal helps businesses to attract a targeted audience.

Not only that, business owners can now easily offer tempting deals on the Internet and promote these deals and all their other offers on the Bing desktop as well as on the mobile platform. That too, without having to pay a single dollar for it.It doesn’t end there, the BBP lets you display crucial additional details and offers about your product, service or brand that can help your business in search results and drive hits to your business site.

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