Bounce Rate and Exit Rate – What is the Difference and Why They’re Important


Two of the most important metrics in internet marketing are bounce rate and exit rate. Many people find it a bit confusing to know the difference between the two. If you are one of them then this article is for you as it is intended to take the mystery out of your website’s bounce rate and exit rate.

Bounce rate refers to the percentage oReducing Bounce and Exit Ratesf visitors who view only one page of your website before leaving. In other words, the visitor ‘bounces’ on and off your particular page. Exit rate is defined as the percentage of visitors who leave your site from a given page based on how many visits that the particular page has received. This visitor who leaves or exits could have been on many pages of your website but simply exited on the specific page. An example would be a visitor who has found your site after conducting an organic search, clicks a page inside your site and then leaves from that page.

In contrast, if this visitor simply landed on your site from the organic search and did not visit any internal pages, it would be considered a bounce. Generally speaking, an ideal bounce rate to shoot for is between 20% and 25% provided you are targeting relevant, core keywords. If your bounce rate increases past 35%, you should look at the usability factors of your website. Of course, some search queries do generate high bounce rates such as in the cases of specific informational queries like ‘what flavors are available in Sam’s Coffee?’

A high bounce rateIdeal Bounce Rate on a home page is usually an indicator that something is wrong so if you find that most of your visits are only to your homepage and nothing more, you will need to optimize your site by improving its functionality, user-friendliness and/or by providing nicely written content visitors will find very helpful and very informative.

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Berry Berry Angry – The Top 13 News Headlines Lashing Blackberry

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Dear Blackberry, do you know what the #iPhone said to the #Blackberry? ..#iWork! (Retweet)

Irregular and scattered outages of BB messaging and email service have caused havoc across the globe. These problems don’t seem to be having an end date and have entered US and Canada as well while for Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa it’s the 3rdcontinuous day of hardships and problems.

BBM services which allows users to connect with each other doesn’t seem to work either and to add fuel to the fire, Apple released its iOS5 version yesterday, which offers features almost similar to the BBM services. With sagging sales and competition from Apple, only a miracle can save BB now to restore faith and trust amongst its users. Also lack of information from the top management is another reason for negative word of mouth against BB.

Here the Top 13 headlines lashing at BlackBerry, from across the globe:

Compensation calls as BlackBerry breakdown spreads to US

Angry BlackBerry users have called for compensation as the internet outage that has crippled their smartphones continued through Wednesday and spread to North America and Asia.

RIM scrambles to end global BlackBerry outage

BlackBerry outage blamed on ‘extremely critical’ network failure

Blackberry’s message goes missing

BlackBerry Outage Spreads to U.S., RIM Responds

BlackBerry outages spread to US, Canada

BlackBerry outages spread to North America

RIM: We’re still working on restoring BlackBerry service

For BlackBerry Maker, Crisis Mounts

BlackBerry’s Service Hiccups Spread; Five Continents Affected

Berry berry angry

Blackberry backlash: Slough headquarters in the dock over global phone meltdown

10m users hit by the three days of chaos

BlackBerry services out for third day

BlackBerry’s Response on Facebook

Not very  convincing!

Here’s what some twitter users have to say:

Though RIM authorities are working against time to restore the services, this outage of BB services has come as a bolt from the blue for RIM which is already struggling with slow sales, an almost failed tablet and ultimately falling market share.

Given below is a poll of how many of you still have faith in BlackBerry, cast your vote as well!

Also a hilarious video which would go well with what’s happened:

5 Must Do’s to create a “Sticky” Website

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Having strong online presence is necessary for any business in the current global scenario. However, just having a website is not enough.  In our last post, we discussed the importance of “sticky content”  in reducing the bounce rate and thereby improving your search engine rankings.

So while it’s already been established that having a “sticky” website is necessary, the million dollar question pending an answer is, “how do we go about creating sticky content?” Well, we feel that there are 5 absolutely essential must do’s for your site, if it has to stand any chance of being “sticky” enough to engage your users.

1.    The content should be authoritative and engaging

Usually people browse the Internet seeking information. They are under the impression that who ever has created the website is an authority on the subject. You need to make sure that your content is well researched. It should provide relevant and in-depth information to the visitor. For example, if you have a website on pet health, you need to ensure that you have all the relevant details about the subject. create sticky contentIf you just publish a list of pet care products with pricing, the visitor is not likely to spend much time on that page unless you could also save them the trouble of providing enough information about each product. Before working on your content, list all possible questions people may have about the subject. Ensure that your content answers all these questions. It is also important to ensure that you engage your visitors. Most of the time visitors reach the landing page, read the content and move away. It is advisable to have something on the web page which would encourage them to take further action. For example you may help them with how to go about ordering a product. You may even have a poll or a small quiz. However you need to make sure that all these are relevant to the subject.

2.    Provide links to reputed s

It is advisable to protips for crating sticky contentvide links to trusted and reputed sources. It adds to the credibility of the website. It alsoconveys to the search engines that you intend to provide the best information to your visitors. For example, if your website is about photos of nature or animals, you may have reference link to websites like the National Geography. To put it simply, your content should convey that you are the authority on the subject. Also allow users to share the information they find on your website. This can be achieved by integrating social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook into the web page.

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