Marketing Tactics to Take Advantage of the Holiday Season

Holiday Marketing Tips Did you know that over a billion dollars is spent on the Monday after Black Friday? In a  single day,  consumers on the internet collectively take out their credit cards and spend more than a billion dollars in a 24 hour timespan.

The holidays are a special time for business owners. Most consumers typically have guards and reservations against spending money. On the holidays however, many of these guards come down. Consumers who would normally be thrifty are suddenly willing to take out their credit cards and buy.

So how can you get a piece of this action? Here are a few ideas to help.

Start Marketing EarlyMarketing Your Product Early

You want people to buy on or before the holidays start. That doesn’t mean you should start marketing on Christmas Day, New Year Day etc. In fact, you should start marketing as early as six weeks in advance.

If you want exposure for your sale, do it early. People should know sales are coming up. Don’t just put it on your site the day of the sale, or you’ll miss out on major exposure opportunities.

Give Them Ways to Save

Sale-Ways To SaveThere are two reasons people buy on the holidays: The first reason is because they want to buy gifts for friends and family. The second reason is because of all the sales and discounts.

Holiday buyers are a sale-driven bunch. If you can give them interesting items at a stellar price, they’ll buy in droves.

Have a Christmas sale. Have a New Years sale. Have a winter sale. Have a pre-Christmas sale. Have a generic holidays sale. Use whatever reason you can to create a sale event. But never just mark down your prices – Consumers need to believe the actual price is much higher than what they’re paying.

What Are Consumers Buying?

The trick with holiday buyers is that they often don’t even know what they’re looking to buy. They’re often in browse-mode: They’re looking to buy something for presents, but they don’t know what. Instead, they just browse until they see something nice, then make a purchase.

Giving consumers suggestions on what to buy is a great idea. If they don’t already know what they’re going to purchase, help them make that decision.Suggestion

Suggest items. Suggest add-on items. Suggest different categories of items. Have suggestions for different types of people. Have suggestions for family, have suggestions for friends, have suggestions for kids and have suggestions for adults.

Do whatever you can do give them as many buying options as possible.

Gift Wrapping & Speedy Shipping

Quick ShippingSometimes people buy presents and want to wrap it themselves. At other times they’d rather have you wrap it for them.

Sometimes people buy presents online so that they can give it to their friends in person. At other times, they just want you to gift wrap it and ship it as a present to someone else.

Make sure you have both of these options: Gift wrapping and speedy shipping. If someone orders something and needs it by Christmas on December 23rd, they should be able to get it.

Take Advantage of Buyer Impulsiveness

During the holidays, buyers are impulsive. The best way to take advantage of this is to send them offers regularly throughout the holiday season. Social Media

If someone doesn’t buy once, that doesn’t mean they won’t buy in the near future. They might have been busy, they might have been at work, or they might have just forgotten to buy someone a present.

Use social media, email, RSS, your website and even cold calling your customer list to promote special deals. Hit the marketing button harder at this time of year than any other.

Address Online Ordering Issues

Money Back GuaranteeThere are two main concerns people have when it comes to shopping online: That they can’t see the items they’re buying, and that shipping will add to the time and cost.

The first issue can be addresses with a no questions asked money back guarantee. If people know they can return the item if they don’t like it, they’re going to be much more likely to order online. Price Comparison

The second issue can be addressed by comparing your item price with the price of in-store prices. If you can offer prices that are below what stores offer, even including shipping, people will order in droves. Again, make sure you have a speedy shipping option for people who are in a hurry.

If you set your business up for the holidays the right way, you can easily make an entire month or two’s worth of sales in one week. Don’t pass up this amazing opportunity – Use these tips to take full advantage of this holiday season.

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