Link Baiting: An Update on Modern Tactics

Link BaitingLinkbaiting has changed a lot since it first came into the SEO space. In the past, you could come up with a decent graphic, a quiz or an infographic and have a very good shot at going viral. In fact, Mingle2 used just simple quizzes to rank in the top 5 for the keyword “Dating.”

Today however, these tactics have gotten much more competitive and much more complex. If you want your linkbait to take off, you’ll need to put in more time, effort and creativity.

Overview: What is Linkbaiting?

Before discussing actual tactics, let’s go over what exactly linkbaiting is.

Linkbaiting is creating content that’s designed to get linked to. The content needs to fit a particular mold.

Not only does the content need to be interesting, but it should work within a formula for content that gets passed along. Each of the following tactics has been proven to get people to link to them.


Quizzes like “How many 2 year olds could you take in a fight” have done very well. The basic premise is this: Come up with an interesting quiz, ask fun questions, give them the results, then give them the chance to share it with their friends.

Make sure you include the HTML code at the bottom of the results page so people can link to their results and the quiz. If you design a quiz that a lot of people want to share, you’ll get a lot of backlinks.

Free Software / Tools

Free Softwares & ToolsFree software can be great linkbait. There are two main types of free software.

One is software aimed to web developers or website owners. These types of software work really well, because if you can embed a link in the software, you can easily get a lot of backlinks.

Examples include WordPress plugins, calculator apps, skins, themes, templates, etc. Just a small link at the bottom of the page can result in thousands of backlinks.

The other type is the typical for-consumer applications. The goal here is to create the best possible app for an audience and give it away. If people like it, they’ll link to your site where the software is being offered.

Egobait Ego Link Baiting

Egobait plays to people’s desire to feel important. You create a list of the top X people and make sure that the people you want to get backlinks from are on that list.

For example, you might create a list of “Top 10 Travel Bloggers of 2011,” or “The 15 Most Creative Tech Website Designs.” Then just send an email to the owner of those sites or designs letting them know they won.

You have a very good chance of getting a backlink, because people want to know they’ve been acknowledged.


Use infographicsInfographics have long been a staple of linkbaiters. One of the reasons why infographics tend to do so well is because of social bookmarking sites like Reddit and Digg.

Redditors and Diggers love infographics. They’re quick bits of entertaining information that tend to get a lot of votes quickly. Getting to the front page of Reddit or Digg invariably means tons of traffic and eventually tons of links.

Even if you don’t get to the front page of social bookmarking sites, a good infographic can get a lot of backlinks. Focus on making your infographic either extremely entertaining or extremely informative.

Comics Use comics for backlinks

Comics can be a great source of backlinks if you have the talent to do them well. The trick is to make something that’ll turn heads.

Your comic should be either extremely funny or extremely controversial. If you can touch on current events or popular sentiment, you have a very good chance of creating something that goes viral.

If you don’t have drawing or comedic activity, stick with one of the other techniques.

Viral Videos

Youtube viral videosFinally, YouTube has shown all of us the truly viral power of videos. Create a great video and it can and will get passed along.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a video to make it go big. In fact, just an iPhone camera and cheap editing software will often be enough.

Implementing Linkbaiting

There are two main ways to do linkbaiting: You can either do it yourself or outsource it.

If you have the tools and talent to do it in house, doing so is usually better. You know your audience better and have a keener sense of what will work.

On the other hand, lack of creative or technical ability should never be the reason why you don’t do linkbaiting. If you don’t do it yourself, you an always find competent outsourcers who can do it for you.

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    Frankly, “link baiting” sounds to me just like “being a good webmaster”. If we want our website to be considered worthwhile, then we need to add content to it that people want to link to naturally. Really appreciable post.

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    Frankly, “link baiting” sounds to me just like “being a good webmaster”. If we want our website to be considered worthwhile, then we need to add content to it that people want to link to naturally. Really appreciable post.

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    Link Baiting is one more SEO method in which content is added to your website explicitly to boost backlinks from other websites. Link Baiting is to create links to improve your website ranking in search engines.

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