Case Study: Directory Maximizer Helps a Guitar, a Healthcare & a Counselling Site Reach Top Rankings in Search Engines


“Over the years I have used many SEO services, Directory Maximizer stands out from the crowd because they are constantly improving their service, adding new directories and features. I’ve used almost every service they provide – I’ve even hired them to research and submit my sites to custom lists of directories. One of the best services they now have is the niche directory service. Most of all, my sites went up a few rankings and I am receiving more organic traffic every day.”

– Skyler Christensen


It’s a fairly new site having lot of quality content and insights. It provides detailed information on guitars like best practices, how to choose a guitar, guitar care, expert tips etc.

As the name suggests, this site is all about combating morning sickness and tips on health care during pregnancy.

This site revolves around consultation and proper guidance to teenagers and bridging the gap between a parent and a child. It’s more about bringing the best out of every teenager and leading them towards successful lives.

Requirement & Challenges

Although these 3 sites are very different in nature as well as their subject matter, they were similar in the fact that they did not have many back-links pointing to them and were not rankings for their keywords. There was very little off-page optimization done for these sites and because of less links with relevant anchor texts, these 3 sites were not ranking for any of the terms they were targeting. However, Mr. Christensen was very passionate for his sites and wanted to put in all his effort to improve their search engine rankings. It is always a pleasure working with customers who are passionate about their websites and we were also more than happy to help him in his journey.

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Case Study: Directory Maximizer Helps a Telecommunications & VOIP Website Rank Number 1 for it’s Keywords


“I was recommended to Directory Maximizer by an SEO colleague of mine, he said it was amongst the best. I gave it a try and he was true to his word, the website has been climbing the serps ever since. I was so impressed with my results  that I bought all the directory entries.  Today I have over 38 keywords on page 1 of Google, needless to say my business has grown four folds.  One word RECOMMENDED!”

– Jalal Miah


Requirement & Challenges

Sites on Telecommunications and Business VoIP Providers are abundant in the web. It is not at all easy to rank in the top 10 results for keywords in this sector as it is an extremely competitive market.

Action Taken
Mr. Miah wanted to cover different link profiles while building links to his site, so he placed orders for all the different submission services we offer. This way, he ensured he does not get link only from one or two similar types of sites.

Another smart thing Mr. Miah did and which I would advise everyone to follow, is targeting multiple keywords. He smartly targeted different keyword variations for his submissions. Many people make the mistake of targeting only one or two keywords and reduce their chances of being found for other relevant keyword searches. Try to cover all keywords while building links as you have the chance of ranking for many more keyword, thereby increasing traffic to your site ten folds.

Here are the different link building processes we executed for XINIX:

•    General Directory Submission – We submitted XINIX to quality search engine friendly directories which give out permanent one-way links and are constantly indexed by Google and other popular search engines.

•    Niche Directory Links – We also submitted the site to hand-picked Niche Directories related to the site’s topic as it is a well-known fact that search engines give more value to links from relevant sites. Getting links from these niche directories definitely helped in improving it’s search engine rankings.

•    High PR Paid Directory Links – We helped XINIX get links from high PR quality web directories. The links from these directories are highly valued by the search engines as these sites are extremely selective about who they link out to.

•    Social Bookmarking Submissions – The social bookmarking links ensured that the site got instant visibility and exposure which helped a lot in increasing traffic to the site.

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Case Study: How Directory Maximizer Helped a Health Blog Get Top 10 Google Rankings

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“I found the services of Directory Maximizer to be first class! They were prompt and thorough in delivering what they had promised and provided great assistance and encouragement in helping me promote my website. I am a newbie at web promotions and Directory Maximizer has really helped my website to go from relative obscurity to one with a significant number of visitors and to reach high ranking levels in search engines. Directory Maximizer has greatly increased the number and diversity of keywords which gives my website high rankings and the list of keywords and ranking levels continue to increase. For website traffic growth, recognition, visitor attraction and good ranking, I will continue to use their services and strongly suggest that website owners, who wish a thorough promotion and a quick rise in ranking levels, avail themselves of their excellent offerings.”

– Gladstone Taylor


Requirement and Challenges

Before doing the directory submissions, was not ranking even in the top 50 positions in any of the search engines for any of the targeted terms. There were very few backlinks pointing to and due to all these reasons, the traffic to the site was minimal.

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What 450+ Clients Had To Say About Directory Maximizer

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We recently conducted a survey amongst our clients, where we wanted to evaluate their level of satisfaction with various aspects of our services as well as evaluate whether our services met the core objective of improving their website rankings or not.

The survey was filled by 454 respondents which included representatives of leading SEO agencies, individual webmasters and business owners. Although we included customers from every part of the globe, a large percentage of these respondents were from USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

However, before we share the results of the survey with you, we are delighted to announce Steve Chambers, from DeepBlue Digital Media in UK, as the Lucky Winner from amongst the people who filled the survey. He can choose to take either a $50 Amazon Gift Certificate or $75 in service credits! Congratulations Steve 🙂

Coming back to the results, we are delighted to share some of the key insights we gained from this survey. Hope you would find them useful!

Question 1: Do you see value in directory submissions as a link building tactic in modern SEO?

Glad to see so many of our customers joining us in reaffirming the effectiveness of directory submissions for building links. Many outsiders have argued that the effect of directory links is not what it used to be on search engine rankings, but we have seen thousands of websites benefit from them repeatedly over the years!

Question 2: Have directory submissions actually helped you in improving your rankings?

To further cement the benefits of directory links, it is good to see that 65% of our customers have also seen remarkable improvements in ranking with the help of directory submission.

Question 3: Please rate the Quality of Directories offered by us.

Our directory list is updated every 15-30 days. It’s great to hear 87% are happy with the different kind of directories we have in our list.

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Are You Being Too Selfish With Your Links?


Manual link buildingAs someone with a website, you have an extremely potent gift you can give to other webmasters: A link. When you link to another webmaster, they’ll often feel grateful, acknowledged and surprised. Yet most people seldom use this gift.

Why do you link to others? By and large, most webmasters do so out of their own selfish interests, rather than to give back to the community at large or to other webmasters.

For example, you might link out to other sites because it’s relevant to your article, or you might link out to other sites in an effort to get a reciprocal link. These both have one primary focus: “Me.”

While being selfish with linking can work, it’s not nearly as effective as linking with a giving attitude. When others see that you’re linking out with a desire to help them up, they’ll want to help you up as well.

What Does a Generous Link Strategy Look Like?

Be generous

Instead of “how can linking help me,” a generous link strategy asks: “How can I help you?”

For example, let’s say there’s another webmaster who’s launching a new initiative. They’re in a slightly different industry than you. For example, you might run a travel site and they might run a travel insurance site.

If you were approaching your linking strategy from a selfish perspective, you might just leave it. After all, it’s not strictly in your topic, the keywords aren’t the keywords you’re trying to rank for and you might not get anything back.

However, employing a generous link strategy means going out of your way to help the webmaster. For example, you might write a special article on choosing travel insurance and embed a link in that piece of content.

The webmaster will see that you went out of your way to help him. He might not reciprocate right now, but you can bet he’ll remember the gesture.

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