What 450+ Clients Had To Say About Directory Maximizer

We recently conducted a survey amongst our clients, where we wanted to evaluate their level of satisfaction with various aspects of our services as well as evaluate whether our services met the core objective of improving their website rankings or not.

The survey was filled by 454 respondents which included representatives of leading SEO agencies, individual webmasters and business owners. Although we included customers from every part of the globe, a large percentage of these respondents were from USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

However, before we share the results of the survey with you, we are delighted to announce Steve Chambers, from DeepBlue Digital Media in UK, as the Lucky Winner from amongst the people who filled the survey. He can choose to take either a $50 Amazon Gift Certificate or $75 in service credits! Congratulations Steve 🙂

Coming back to the results, we are delighted to share some of the key insights we gained from this survey. Hope you would find them useful!

Question 1: Do you see value in directory submissions as a link building tactic in modern SEO?

Glad to see so many of our customers joining us in reaffirming the effectiveness of directory submissions for building links. Many outsiders have argued that the effect of directory links is not what it used to be on search engine rankings, but we have seen thousands of websites benefit from them repeatedly over the years!

Question 2: Have directory submissions actually helped you in improving your rankings?

To further cement the benefits of directory links, it is good to see that 65% of our customers have also seen remarkable improvements in ranking with the help of directory submission.

Question 3: Please rate the Quality of Directories offered by us.

Our directory list is updated every 15-30 days. It’s great to hear 87% are happy with the different kind of directories we have in our list.

Question 4: Please rate the Quality of Submission Reports provided by us.

Our customers are able to track the progress of directory submissions online and it makes us happy to see that 95% of the respondents are happy with our reporting system.

Question 5: How do you rate the pricing of our services?

We strongly believe in offering quality services at affordable prices. Having 97% of the respondents say that they are happy with the pricing makes us very happy (and no, we aren’t going to hike it!).

Question 6: How well do customer service representatives at our company answer your questions?

We have been getting many mails from our customers appreciating our service but there cannot be a bigger proof for it than this. As for the 6% who are not happy with our service, we are super determined to change their opinion as well 😉

Question 7: Would you recommend our services to your friends?

Wow, we are grateful that 94% of our customers have enough faith in our brand to recommend us to their friends. We will work extra-hard to make sure our service never falters.

So to sum it up, we had conducted this survey to check the impact of directory links on our customer’s search engine rankings while gauging our performance in their eyes. Yes, we were hoping to get positive results, but the amount of appreciation and positive feedback we have got from our customers has blown us away. We have always believed in doing our best for our customers everyday and every minute, and it’s feels good to know that our efforts are being noticed and your sites are benefiting from our services.

Keep Ranking High!

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