Get Your SEO & Social Media Marketing to Work Synergistically For You

Social signals are given more and more weight by the search engines, in terms of search engine rankings, as the days go by. If you are leaving social media marketing out of your campaigns, you are definitely missing out.

Google Social signals in search

There are also some companies who do their SEO part and their social media marketing part, but their mistake is that they are not integrated with each other. Let’s have a look at how to fix that.

Link building and Social media

Social SEOPanda. Penguin. And countless of other updates that the general public isn’t even aware of. Search engines are striving to serve the most relevant results to their users. They found out that one of the ways was to fetch social data.

Search engines (the big ones) are now measuring the strength of social signals – based on likes, comments, shares, tags etc – and it seems that social signals are now weighing much more than links from blog comments, profile backlinks, links from content farms, and other forms of low quality links (becoming more and more true after each and every update).

Perhaps the focus should be changed. The time and money spent on getting low quality links should be invested in relevant guest posting and high quality social marketing instead.

There is no lack of social platforms. There is no excuse. Not sure which ones to start with? Here is a random pick: Facebook, Google + and YouTube. There you go.

Post share-worthy content. Reward people for sharing them. Whatever needs to be done; just do it.

A few words on Blogging Blogging SEO

You got to love blogging – one of the most effective inbound marketing strategies of all time! It’s a spot that you own, where you can post high quality content – tutorials, tips, news, personal experiences – and where people can come back to whenever they want to read about your stuff. It’s also a place where you can put up your offers. It’s ALSO a place where people can link to when they want to share your content. For me, a blog is the perfect blend of SEO and social marketing. For anyone who does online marketing, it’s heaven.

If you’ve ever tracked your SEO campaigns, chances are you’ve noticed that about 80% of the visitors than land on your pages come from long-tail keywords that you didn’t even try to rank for. This is the beauty of a blog. Effortless traffic (almost), simply due to the fact that you’ve shared high quality content.

Tips to further optimize your blog:

  • If you don’t have one yet, create one!
  • Reserve a few hours of your work-time for internal linking (link to your other relevant posts within your posts)
  • Use breadcrumbs; people like knowing where they are
  • Have a site-map
  • Enable social sharing
  • Show your visitors how to share your content (for example have a box below all your posts with some code that they can copy and paste on their blog or social profiles)

Social Activity

Social ActvityBlogging is one of the ways to go social. The next step is to join social networks, and share your best content there.

You don’t have to create new posts just to share them; instead, share your existing content. Do not paste your entire articles on the social networks though – the social audience has a “Be short, or we won’t even read you!” temperament. Put in a few minutes to write a short (2 – 3 sentences long) snippet to summarize your content, and add a link to your website (or offer) if they want to read more.

“Why would they read it in full on my website if they don’t even bother reading it right on our Facebook page?” – I’m glad you asked!

The same people become a different kind of audience. They are not used to reading a lot on social networks. It’s just click, skim. Repeat. If she’s hot, have a second look. Then click and skim again. That’s reality (don’t deny it!). If they like your snippet and click through to your website, they are no more on a social network. They are on a “proper” website that delivers information. And if that information is good, they will stick around. [And if you have a “Like” button at the end of your awesome content, guess what they’ll do…]

Bottom Line

Social signals show genuineness (most of the time). If you are a real business, have a real product that can help people, and deliver great content, dive into social marketing without thinking twice – it will help people, it will get you better rankings, it will make you more money.

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