Get Your Conversion Optimization Right Before The Holiday Rush

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When it comes to Internet marketing, marketers often do this thing where they focus a lot (too much?) on driving traffic to their website, but they fail to properly convert that traffic into actual leads or sales.

To be honest, conversion is not the easiest part of online marketing. The overall layout, graphics, videos, copy and offer all contribute to how well a page converts. These are themselves sub-divided into further categories:

Layout: Page width, font, color, line spacing, corners (square or round)

Graphics: Images in the copy, background images

Videos: Video presentation, HD video, video with face, screen capture

Copy: Headline, sub-headline, P.S., long, short…

So, how can you get around that? Here are 3 tips that you can start using today.

The top 3 conversion rate optimization tips

1. Only use strong offers Use offers

The offer is the most important thing in your sales copy. If you don’t have a strong offer, you won’t sell. Period.

Hard to believe?

How good a sales person do you have to be to sell a BMW for $10? Heck, if you had that kind of offer, even this ad copy would work its magic on me: “$10. Call XXX-XXX-XXX.”

Now what if you wanted to sell an Eskimo a tub of ice-cream? Even the best copywriter in the world would have a hard time doing that, wouldn’t he?

This is how important your offer is. A strong offer will often sell itself. A weak offer will cost you a lot more (higher investment in sales copy and graphics for example) while giving you little return.

It is also known that respectable copywriters reject the assignments of vendors who have a weak offer.

2. Your landing page is important

Every single visitor that lands on your webpage wants to know 3 things:

  • Is this place for me?
  • Can I find what I need here?
  • How do I get what is being offered?

There are 2 things that every business needs to do to optimize their conversion rate:

  • Answering these questions
  • Doing that quickly

So, how can you answer these 3 questions? Let’s illustrate this with an example.

First, your landing page should “speak” the language of your target audience. An 18-year old male who wants to build muscle will better respond to “Pack On Slabs Of Lean Muscle” than “increase the intracellular fluid of the muscle fibers”.

Next, solve a problem your audience has. One of the problems that our hypothetical 18-year old guy might have is that he finds it hard to gain weight. We can make him stay on the page by assuring him that we can help him gain weight quite rapidly.

Then we need to show him how exactly he can get his hands on the muscle building guide we are offering. Do we need him to put his name and email address in the boxes? We need to tell him! Having a good call-to-action helps as well. Instead of “Submit”, we could use “Download the Muscle Building Report Now!”

3. A/B testing

AB testingAs confident as your copywriter, graphic designer and web designer might be about their work, you need to keep in mind that there is always room for improvement. Perfection doesn’t exist they say, and this also applies to the online world.

Still think that you are safe because you pay your staff top dollar? Here is the thing… Facebook often changes things around. YouTube does too. Now that I’m thinking about it, Linkedin does too. Actually, even MSN does. Is it because they cannot afford a good “web guy”? Unlikely. It’s actually because their marketing team is very good at A/B testing.

A/B testing of a landing page is simply comparing 1 version of the page with a slightly different version of it. The difference can be as small as having just the headline changed up.

The principle behind it is quite simple.

Once you have enough traffic, redirect half of it to the “A” version, and the other half to the “B” version. If “B” converts better, change “A” so that it looks exactly like “B”. Now that you have 2 “B”, make a different change to one of them. For example, if the 1st split test was to compare the performance of 2 different headlines, you can test out 2 different calls-to-action on the 2nd split test. So again, another “A” version and “B” version. Test again.

You can do that until you reach a conversion rate that you are happy with.

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