Pros & Cons Of Accepting Guest Posts On Your Website

We know that it’s an honorable feeling (or simply an ego boost) when you get contacted for a guest post, especially the first few times. However, it’s not a reason to just say “Yes!” and start publishing whatever comes your way.

Before doing that, you may want to consider the pros and cons of guest posting. We will present these below.

We will also share an easy to implement strategy that will encourage people who want to make a guest post on your blog to contact you.

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More time for other areas of your business

Publishing a guest post means that you have the time to focus on other aspects of your business (instead of writing and proof-reading an article of your own).

You could be working on your actual marketing or the creation of more landing pages for example.

Taking advantage of the expertise of others

This is not to say that you are bad at what you do! But we have to admit that we are not extremely good at EVERY SINGLE aspect of our respective niches.

A good example of that would be the fitness niche. I might be good at making posts about working out to build muscles. However, if I’m less good at nutrition and fat loss, I could use the help of experts in the field to make guest posts on my blog (or I could spend the time to research and write something myself).

The benefit of accepting guest posts here is not only saving time, but also piggybacking on others’ knowledge, and increasing the reach of the audience.

Greater authority

Do you know what has more effect than seeing 1 celebrity in a restaurant? It’s seeing 2 celebrities in a restaurant!

While your readers might already see you as an authority figure in your niche, having other big names on your blog will definitely boost that image higher up. After all, high value people have high value friends, right?

Of course, this works in your favor only if you let high value people in on your blog. Else it ruins the point.


Your voice may not be heard

Granted, guest posting is awesome. But this does not mean that you should forget the point of blogging. The whole point is to connect with your followers to a certain level. I would recognize a lot of my favorite bloggers even if their names are not displayed. This is because I know their “voice”.

Too many guest posts on your blog, and your voice is lost. You need to find a balance. You are the judge on this one!

A leak in your funnel

Many people use blogs as a funnel, where they can secure the visitor as a lead. However, guest posts usually require one or more links back to the poster’s website. So instead of having the visitor in your funnel, you sort of “lose” him to your guest.

This is why you need to think well before accepting a guest post. If an article delivers tremendous value, it might be worth it. Else, I wouldn’t even consider it.

It’s more than copying & pasting

You need to make sure that the content you are receiving matches your quality guidelines. Oh, and you need to have quality guidelines. A good starting point would be a minimum article length, no grammar or vocabulary mistake and not containing an excessive amount of links.

With these pros and cons in mind, you can now make a more informed decision when choosing to accept or reject a guest post (or ask the author to modify his article so that it conforms to your guidelines).

Not receiving guest post requests?

Many people are scared to reach out to bloggers. You can help them overcome their shyness by having a “Become A Guest Author” page on your blog.

On this page, you can list your quality guidelines and explain how authors who would like to make a guest post on your blog can make it happen.

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