The 10 Key Features Of An Effective Landing Page


In any inbound marketing strategy, landing pages represent a big and undeniably crucial part of lead generation. In effect, every campaign you run and every offer you create should have a custom landing page. Unlike a homepage, a landing page is designed to prompt a highly specific action. When you think about the purpose of a landing page, it’s a lot like what the putting green serves for when you play gold. Once on the green, the aim is to drive the ball into the hole.

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Clearly landing pages are important in inbound marketing. With that settled, the other take-away when it comes to landing pages is that they need to have the right design and contain certain key features without which a landing page is highly unlikely to convert. So what features are we talking about? What characterizes a high-converting and well-designed landing page?

1. The Page Heading and Advertisement Copy

In any landing page, the page headline and the ad copy should agree with each other. A consistency between your ad message and the landing page text is important.

2. Keep the Headlines Clean and Concise headline

Being the first thing a visitor will probably see and read, the headlines of your landing page should be clear and concise. Do not be confusing or boring. The very significance of having headlines in your landing page is to lure if not compel the visitor to take a closer look. If your address is what you are offering head on, you are more likely to catch the reader’s attention than if you embark on a journey of vagueness.

3. Mind Your Grammar

If you are an online retailer trying to sell something or trying to get your visitors to provide their personal information, the trust of your readers might get compromised if your landing page has spelling errors or if your grammar is sloppy. If you want a landing page to convert, you need to make sure the grammar of it is impeccable.

4. Trust Indicators Could be Useful

An absolutely fantastic way of building trust is to incorporate somewhere on your landing page testimonials, press mentions or trust and security certification for example VeriSign. With these trust indicators,you will undoubtedly see an increase in revenue.

5. Use a Good Call-to-Action

The most important thing about designing the perfect landing page is that the call-to-action needs to be very compelling and very strong. The visitor should not have any doubt as to what he or she should be doing next. For instance, if you are offering an eBook for free, a perfect call-to-action would be “Download Now – Free”. Read more

Don’t Make Your Website Annoying

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So as a website owner, you’ve just heard about this latest and apparently awesome feature that everyone is using on his website. Your first instinct would be to follow the crowd. After all, if everyone is doing it, there should be something good in it for you as well.

Well actually, you can choose to do that. Or not!

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These days, it happens too often that websites adopt a feature only because some other sites are using it. Truth is, just because someone is using a website feature does not mean that you should too. It could do you more harm than good.

Some of the overused website features we’ve seen in 2013 and how they can prove to be bad in regards to your SEO efforts.

1. Infinite scroll

Infinite scroll is an amazing website feature. If you own a website like Facebook where you have information best presented in a never-ending linear manner then it could prove to be quite helpful. However, out of consideration for your visitors, you don’t want every page on your website to be a bottom-less source of information. Only use infinite scroll if you have a story to tell and if the endless scrolling is not too cumbersome. In particular, you want to avoid infinite scrolling for your homepage. A homepage is meant to aim users of the site to different sources of information around the site. Infinite scrolling interferes with that.

2. Sticky navigation

A sticky or fixed navigation is by definition a website menu that does not move as users scroll up or down a page. The navigation bar can be fixed at the top of the page, at the bottom or even on the side.  There are many types of websites where using sticky navigation would make sense but at the end of the day, the content on your site is going to be the best determinant of whether you need a sticky header or not. In many cases, a good site search feature might prove to be a much better alternative for quick site access.

3. Auto-sliders

Put quite simply, don’t bother unless you really know what you are doing. As a site owner, you might be under the impression that auto-sliders are cool but to users of the site, they can be downright annoying.

4. Auto-play audio, video and animation

If you want your website to have a good user experience, don’t auto-play audio, video or any form of animation when users click on your website. The last thing a visitor wants to happen when he or she is redirected to a website is being greeted by an annoying audio or video track and having to scramble around the place to find the source of the disturbance and shut it down. If you want to invest in audio or video content, by all means, go right ahead but make it an option. Don’t auto-play it.

5. Banner ads and promo boxes don’t work anymore

A few years ago, putting up banner ads and promo boxes on your website might have worked because people actually clicked on them. These days, these site features only take up valuable space while simultaneously putting you at risk of experiencing the full wrath of Google’s ad space penalty. Few are those websites that actually make revenue off these traffic detours.

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Case Study – Directory Maximizer Helps an Ice Cream Site Build a Strong Backlink Profile

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Markes Ices is a site that offers ice cream vans for hire in the United Kingdom. They cater to both indoor and outdoor events and are rated No.1 in the industry in UK.

Requirement and Challenges

Markes Ices was a very interesting challenge for us. When we started link building for this site, their link profile was at a bare minimum. The challenge that we had for was to build a strong, natural-looking backlink profile and help them come up in the top few positions of the Search Engine Rankings Results.

Action Taken

Main Objective: Help build a strong backlink profile.

Services Used: General Directory Submissions, Premium Directory Listing service, Niche Directory Listing service and Social Bookmarking submission service.

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Case Study – How Directory Maximizer Helped a Firearms Site and a Catering Site Achieve Top Rankings

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“We have been using Directory Maximizer now since October 2012. We have always ranked either on the 1st Page or 2nd Page of Google for several years. However, since using D-M we have consistently remained on the 1st Page of Google for most of our Keywords and have only dropped 1 time to the 2nd page in 7 months. In this time we have found them to be extremely helpful and willing to offer free advice to assist and improve our rankings. We aim to continue using D-M Services for the fore-see able future.”              

 – Charles Murray-Roscoe


A site that deals in different types of popular firearms like Luger and Mauser Broomhandle pistols, classic firearms, firearm accessories, curio and relic firearms etc.

A site that deals with catering equipments for restaurants, hotels, bars and kitchens and professional chefs and caterers.

Requirement & Challenges

Despite these two sites being vastly different in nature, there was one similarity and it was that the two sites did not have a great number of backlinks and hence their rankings were not good for most of their keywords. We had to build a good base of backlinks to ensure that the rankings for their keywords improved over time.

Action Taken

After checking the site’s link status and keyword competition volume, we came to a conclusion that the firearms site needed regular links to get to the top and sustain its position. We also saw that the catering site mainly needed an initial push to get started as its visibility was extremely low at that point of time.

Following these requirements, was ordered for the monthly subscription service and an initial one time order was placed for

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