The 10 Key Features Of An Effective Landing Page

In any inbound marketing strategy, landing pages represent a big and undeniably crucial part of lead generation. In effect, every campaign you run and every offer you create should have a custom landing page. Unlike a homepage, a landing page is designed to prompt a highly specific action. When you think about the purpose of a landing page, it’s a lot like what the putting green serves for when you play gold. Once on the green, the aim is to drive the ball into the hole.

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Clearly landing pages are important in inbound marketing. With that settled, the other take-away when it comes to landing pages is that they need to have the right design and contain certain key features without which a landing page is highly unlikely to convert. So what features are we talking about? What characterizes a high-converting and well-designed landing page?

1. The Page Heading and Advertisement Copy

In any landing page, the page headline and the ad copy should agree with each other. A consistency between your ad message and the landing page text is important.

2. Keep the Headlines Clean and Concise headline

Being the first thing a visitor will probably see and read, the headlines of your landing page should be clear and concise. Do not be confusing or boring. The very significance of having headlines in your landing page is to lure if not compel the visitor to take a closer look. If your address is what you are offering head on, you are more likely to catch the reader’s attention than if you embark on a journey of vagueness.

3. Mind Your Grammar

If you are an online retailer trying to sell something or trying to get your visitors to provide their personal information, the trust of your readers might get compromised if your landing page has spelling errors or if your grammar is sloppy. If you want a landing page to convert, you need to make sure the grammar of it is impeccable.

4. Trust Indicators Could be Useful

An absolutely fantastic way of building trust is to incorporate somewhere on your landing page testimonials, press mentions or trust and security certification for example VeriSign. With these trust indicators,you will undoubtedly see an increase in revenue.

5. Use a Good Call-to-Action

The most important thing about designing the perfect landing page is that the call-to-action needs to be very compelling and very strong. The visitor should not have any doubt as to what he or she should be doing next. For instance, if you are offering an eBook for free, a perfect call-to-action would be “Download Now – Free”.

6. Buttons and Call-to-Actions Should be Prominent

Call to ActionTo come up with the perfect call-to-action, it is a good idea to identify the most popular keywords real people use to search for the service you provide and use strong words like “free”, “buy” or “download now”.

If you have one in your landing page, a conversion button should be conspicuous and placed right below your call-to-action. You could alternatively use your call-to-action itself as a conversion button.

Note that orange and yellow call-to-action buttons are very eye-catching and highly likely to catch a viewer’s attention.

7. Don’t Overdo it With the Links

It’s alright to use links to help your reader connect to other websites and pages but too many of them will prove to be a distraction and have a negative impact on the conversion rate of the landing page. Links may make sense on a homepage but on a landing page, you need the readers to take a certain action, not increase their general knowledge.

8. Images and Videos

For a landing page to be an absolute success, it needs to contain motivational speeches, videos of, for example, user testimonials and high-quality high-definition product images. This will give shoppers that extra push to take the next action you want them to take.

9. Keep the Need to Scroll to a Minimum

In a landing page, the space that the reader sees without the need to scroll is the most important part and that’s where the most important items of your landing page should be including your call-to-action button.

10. Keep Testing

When it comes to designing the perfect landing page, it is important to keep testing what is or isn’t working for you. Run A/B tests. Experiment with the text, images and call-to-actions until you reach the optimum conversion rate.

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