7 Sources of Fresh Content Ideas for Your Blog

When you run a blog, one of the most challenging tasks is to always come up with fresh and awesome content to keep your blog interesting and your readers on their toes. Sometimes merely having a good idea for a blog post is half the battle in the bag. The question is: How do you get these awesome ideas for your blog?


If you are an expert in your field, you probably have a lot of knowledge and expertise that you can share on your blog. Your industry knowledge will come in handy.

For a few weeks!

But what happens when you run out of things to say? What happens when you hit writer’s block?

The good news is: Writer’s block is not an affliction when it comes to blogging. You can get around the problem fairly easily with these 7 awesome sources for great content.

7 Sources for Awesome Blogging Ideas

1. Keep an Eye Open for Fresh Industry News

News by definition is information that’s new. As such, industry news always make great blog posts. If you run a blog, it is always a good idea to subscribe to a few blogs that cover news relevant to your industry. That way, the next time you find yourself at a complete loss of what you to write on your blog, you can just head over to the blogs you’ve subscribed to and scan industry news worth sharing on your own blog. You can even use trending topics to build quality links to your site.

2. Encourage Guest Posts

A relatively new concept, when you run a business blog, there is nothing to say that you should be the only one posting on your blog. You can request a blog post from another leading expert in your industry and perhaps return the favor yourself in due time. The rationale behind is simple: Different minds work in different ways. Perhaps another industry expert will come up with a blogging idea that would never in a million years cross your mind and the same goes the other way round.

3. Other People’s Content

Another great way to come up with fresh content is to read other people’s blogs. If you know of a blog that shares value information relevant to your industry, logic says, you should subscribe to that blog and keep an eye out for great pieces of content that you can in turn present in a completely different way on your own blog: Maybe you have a different opinion on the subject that you would like to share, maybe you did not like the other blogger’s take on things or maybe it’s just a topic you never thought of addressing.

4. Re-purpose your Existing Content

One of the things you can do if someday you find yourself running out of inspiration as to what to write on your blog is to re-purpose some piece of content you’ve produced in the past. For instance, maybe, a year ago, you wrote this amazing blog post only that since then there has been some changes in the industry and what you wrote is no longer relevant. You could update that original post and make it your relevant to how things are nowadays.

5. Give Yourself a Break

If you are completely stumped and having serious creativity issues, the best thing you can do is take a break and do something that you know relaxes you. Inspiration sometimes comes from unexpected sources and if brainstorming is not helping you come up with a good blogging idea then maybe giving your brain a break will help. The human brain has a funny way of coming up with great ideas when you least expect it.

6. Combined Relevance

When it comes to blogging, combined relevance is the practice of taking two concepts that may or may not have anything to do with each other and relating them in a clever way. For instance “poker” and “online marketing” have little or nothing to do with each other but from these two ideas, you can come up with a blog post entitled “What Poker Can Teach You About Online Marketing.”

7. KISS – Keep it Sweet & Simple

When you run a blog, each post does not have to be Shakespeare-quality in concept and complexity. Sometimes a simple blog post about a simple topic can be just as successful with your readers if not more successful. Remember this: People online are in search of valuable information to solve their problems. This is perhaps why how-to articles are so popular. To run a successful blog, it is absolutely vital to put yourself in the mind of your readers and see what they would like to read on your blog.

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  1. Casa Caleta on July 7th, 2013 3:46 am

    All very good points. Sometimes short and sweet is good- as is taking a break. Thanks for sharing!

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