How to Make Your Content Titles Stand Out Among Your Competitors’

In 2013, we are all aware of the significance of quality and authentic content in search engine optimization. Good content is one of the most important factors underlying the success of online businesses. Over the web, online business owners are competing with thousands of other businesses for top rankings in the SERPs, sometimes for the same keywords. Good content is what distinguishes valuable sources of information from marketing noise and the search engines, especially Google, are putting a premium on that.


However, because of the volume of information available over the web and the volume of content published every day, good content alone is not enough for business websites or blogs to compete for top rankings in the SERPs. There are some other factors that also come into play and one of these factors is title.

In any content marketing strategy, title is of key importance because it is the first thing that people read and can therefore determine whether or not the reader will progress to the rest of the content or click “Back”. The title you use to describe your content is therefore determining.

How to Choose a Competitive Title for Your Content

1. Remember that You are Trying to Increase your Business Reach and Impact

epand-your-reachAt the end of the day, the goal of any content you publish, written or otherwise is to increase your business reach and impact. To that end, when you are writing a blog post or you are sharing an infographic, the title of your content should reflect the uniqueness of your business and stand out from what the other people in your industry normally use. Generate a title that cannot be duplicated and if appropriate, claim your ownership of the title.

  • The first thing to remember when you are deciding on a title for your content is to be creative. Think outside the box, something your readers have not come across before. Generic titles are likely to be duplicated by your competitors.
  • If you can’t decide on a good title, draw up a list of possible titles and choose the best one by the process of elimination.  The best title will be the one that’s most relevant, creative and unique.

 2. Be Suggestive give-suggestions

The single most important requirement for a title is for it to be eye-catching. When people enter a query in the search bar of say Google, many websites come up in the SERPs. A brilliant title will make your content stand out from the crowd and potentially lure visitors to your site and compel them to read your content in its entirety. The key to coming up with a great title is to be suggestive, like you are about to reveal a secret. People love secrets.

  • To attract people to your site, make some of your titles narrative. If people think you are about to reveal something big as suggested by the title of your content, they are most likely to click-through and read the content. Your title should describe what your content is all about and provide a sort of supportive evidence that the content is worth reading.
  • In addition to titles of the narrative nature, distinctive titles can work equally well for certain types of content. Remember to keep your distinctive titles..well..distinctive, that is, unique and captivating. The ultimate goal is to make the content stand out and the title exclusive enough to be able to compete with the content titles used by your competitors.

3. Solve a Problem

solve-problemsLast but not least, people online are very often looking for solutions to particular problems. If you are a solution provider in a particular industry, try to think of the possible problems your consumers might have and think of a way to solve those potential problems. The title of your content should reflect this intent. Content that solves specific problems require some research work but they can be very successful especially when complemented with a striking title.

For example, in the last year or so, the Google Panda and Penguin updates have affected many websites. Many website owners need a way to fix their content and link-building issues. If you are an expert in the SEO industry, providing content that helps website owners recover from the updates in for instance a step-by-step guide is bound to get you some visitors. The key is to choose an appropriate title that will attract people from the SERPs to your content, which by the way, should match your title, both in relevance and quality.

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2 Responses to “How to Make Your Content Titles Stand Out Among Your Competitors’”

  1. Nick Stamoulis on July 11th, 2013 6:07 pm

    Solving a problem is not only a good way to get your content to stick out, it helps establish your credentials as a leader in your industry. Having content on your site such as “What to do if…” or “5 Tips for …” help give your content visibility and provide answers that the searchers are looking for. Regularly posting this type of content builds your brand and establishes your company within your niche.

  2. maximizer on July 16th, 2013 9:28 am

    Some very valuable points there Nick. This can also help businesses gain the “First Mover” advantage and they would be looked upon as someone influential or as a reference. Quick and free publicity within a short period of time 🙂

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