Bing Places For Business | A Complete Guide

As digital marketers, we all want the search engines to provide us with free tools to help us with our marketing efforts. Earlier this year, Bing launched one such tool: Bing Places for Business. Bing Places for Business is a replacement for a previous Bing product: Bing Business Portal.

With Bing Places for Business, you now have access to a free and user-friendly tool to optimize your local business listing. With this new product, you can claim and verify your business listing on Bing. The latest updates made to the system ensure that your business stays visible to people searching the web for products and services that you sell.

Bing Places for business is committed to connecting businesses to potential customers online. In the upcoming months, it’s pretty obvious that we can expect great things from Bing actively promoting businesses online. From an SEO perspective as well, Bing Places for Business makes a lot of sense. It can be a means to double dip in the SERP.

Bing it seems wants to help businesses connect to their customers easily and quickly. To that end, Bing Places for Business boasts a powerful bulk upload feature. This serves to help businesses manage several listings at once.

How to use Bing Places for Business

1. Claim your Business

If you market your products and services online, chances are, you already have a business listing on Bing. To claim your listing, go to The reason you want to claim your business listing is so you can add authority to it and subsequently help your rankings in the search engine.


Once you claim a listing, any information you provide will trump information acquired from other sources such as the social sites. To find your listing on Bing Places for Business, simple enter your location and business name or phone number. That should do it.

2. Edit your Business Listing

To optimize your listing on Bing, make sure all information pertaining to your business is accurate. In addition to that, you also need to provide the following information:

– A physical address

– A valid phone number

– An email button

– A link to your website

– Opening hours

– The different payment options you accept

– Any parking options if applicable

– A mention of your best brands/products if applicable

3. Stay Relevant

Within Bing Places for Business, business listings fall under different categories. Some categories might have been associated with your listing that are not really relevant. Using the feature below, you can pick new categories or remove irrelevant ones. You can select up to 10 categories.


4. Make your Listing Pop

With Bing Places for Business, you can make your business listing truly stand out from the crowd by using things such as photos, graphics, videos and so much more bling.

Over the web, there is nothing that captures the attention of people more than a good image. Take advantage of the fact that Bing allows up to 10 photos that you can use with your listing. For videos, you are allowed up to 5.

5. Be Social

In many ways, Bing Places for Business is similar to Google+ Local but unlike the latter local business listing service, Bing Places for Business can help you build your online presence because you can include links to your Facebook and Twitter accounts to your listing. This is a feature you should absolutely take advantage of because social signals matter now as ranking factors. At the same time, you are keeping your social community connected to business listing on Bing.


In Summary

Listing your business on Bing is free. So why not make the most of this easy-to-use marketing tool. Simply head to this platform and claim your business. This makes it easy for your potential customers to find you. The special thing about Bing Places is that Bing gives you the chance to truly stand out from the competition. You can use things like photos (up to 10) and videos (up to 5) to enrich your listing. You can also add links to your Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest accounts.

If you haven’t tried Bing Places for Business yet, it’s strongly recommended that you do. Is the new Bing product better than Google+ Local? Probably not! But that’s not to say that it is useless and according to Bing, the best is yet to come. Once you claim your presence in these two big platforms, take some time out to get your site listed in these top 20 local directories as well.

Let’s see what happens next. At the very least, a business listing on Bing increases your online exposure.

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