7 Link Building Techniques That Will Actually Work In 2014

Link building is an important component of online marketing. And while SEO is what most of us are after, it’s also good to remember that better search engine rankings are not the only benefit of link building. Link building also help businesses to build connections, raise brand awareness and generate leads. In this article, we will be sharing 7 techniques you can use to build quality links to your website.


Technique #1: Spread the Virus!

This technique is about finding viral content in your niche, and republishing them on your own properties (website, blog, …).

If a piece of content has already proven itself to be awesome (it has to be awesome to go viral!), having it on your website will encourage people to link to that particular page! You can also share your page again with your own follower-base, if you have one. For example if you dug up the cool content on Tumblr, you could share it (“it” being the content on YOUR site) with your Facebook fans.

Remember that it’s always good practice to credit the original source on your site.

Technique #2: Answer Questions!

As marketers, many of us forget why a lot of people still go online in the first place (and no, I’m not talking about going on Facebook!). People are curious. People want answers. People ask questions!

So what I propose all of us to do, is to cater to those who ask questions in our respective niches! Some people use Yahoo! Answers; others ask their questions in the comments section of blogs, others use platforms like Quora.

Example question: where to buy shower curtain

What we can do, is answer those questions.

I know some of you are complaining about being unable to post links to your site as the answers get taken down because the mods think you are spamming and stuff.

Solution: Don’t spam! Be helpful.

However, if you want to be extra careful, you don’t even have to post a link to your site! Simply mention your brand (after having given your valuable input of course!). Insiders say that brand name mentions also count as votes to your site (just like link building), and it makes perfect sense!

Technique #3: Ethical Piggybacking!

Some content created over the last years are AWESOME…but outdated. The thing is, some of them still carry a lot of weight and authority in the search engines. How about piggybacking on that? Here is how!

Step 1: Find old and outdated content in your niche

Step 2: Develop a new, updated and amazing article, and publish it on your site.

Step 3: Contact the webmaster of the old content and make an offer to buy the page so that it redirects to the new version on YOUR website. Also tell him that you will credit him as the original creator on the page to really seal the deal.

The redirect not only counts as a vote, but also people going to his popular page would now land on yours!

Technique #4: Guest Blogging, the Receiving End!

When we think link building and guest blogging together, we only tend to think about having our guest posts on other people’s blogs, with links to our site.

However, content written by real experts on your site can be a real link-builder in itself. People are more likely to share that piece of content. Also, the authors might use the article they wrote for your site as a reference to their existing fans, followers and readers (that’s links AND shares for you!).

Technique #5: Claim your Credit!

It can happen that some people use your site as reference, or quote something from it, but fail to link to you properly. Some of them may give you attribution as the original source, but may not have linked to you.

The thing to do here is to claim your rightful (and correct) credit! Politely reach out to them and ask them to properly give you credit. Tell them that they can keep everything as it is there, but that you would appreciate a link back to your site.

You can find these sites simply by searching for your brand in Google or by setting up Google Alerts for your brand name.

Technique #6: Get Google+ Shares

While there is no real, concrete evidence that Google is biased towards pages having a lot of Google+ shares, let’s face it, it weighs something (*cough* something heavy). So why not integrate Google+ in your marketing?

Write interesting posts that contain links to your website. Every profile that shares it builds dofollow links to your site (and I personally believe you get extra Google love for using their platform too, but that’s just me!).

Technique #7: Submit to Directories

The key to directory submission is finding out quality directories like these  and submitting to each one manually under most appropriate categories. Check out this guide to know how to use directory submissions effectively.

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