5 Quick Real Life Ways to Build Links

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When marketers and SEOs talk about link building, the major focus is usually on things like content distribution, guest blogging, directory submissions, and things like that. Yes, all of these are cool and make sense, but if you think about it, for most people, especially business owners, most of our time is not spent online.


When we are not online, we are in the real world; meeting and talking to people, building new relationships, etc. Since we spend most of our time off the computer, why not acquire links then? Building links offline? How? This is what this article is all about.

Tip #1: Reward People

I could really use an example to illustrate what I want to say here. Okay so let’s say you are a gym owner, and a basic membership to your gym costs $25/mo., and you have a $49 initiation fee. A nice way to get people to link to you would be to give them 50% off the initiation fee (or completely waive the fee) if they link to you. If they have a website or blog, great! If not, they could do it from their social accounts. This is an “expensive” example, I know. It’s not set in stone though; you can come up with your own ideas. An alternative to this would be to offer a free bottle of water or a free protein shake after a workout if they share your link (a one-time offer).

Tip #2: Interviews

Interview popular people in your industry. Most popular people LOVE having the spotlight and attention on them. They spread the word about it when that happens…often in the form of links! It doesn’t stop here. People who like them also tend to talk about the events their “idol” or “authority figure” feature in.

So here we are looking at a post on a popular blog maybe. Or a tweet from an account with tens of thousands of followers or more. Plus several retweets and blog posts of their own as well. Great potential here!

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