New Site? Here Is How You Can Get Noticed

Gone are the days when you could just run link pyramids combined with a few Scrapebox blasts to get a site ranking high up in a matter of weeks. Ever since the Panda update, things have been very difficult for those who used to rely on ‘grey’ methods to rank in Google search.


Nowadays, in addition to link building you need to build genuine connections with others in your niche and get talked about in social circles. Thankfully, there are some easy legit ways, using which you can get a new website ranking and gain a loyal following over the course of time.

Good Content

The number 1 reason why someone comes to your website is for the content. So it’s crucial that you decide on the kind of content your site will be comprised of. Do you plan to be a simple aggregator for others’ flagship content? Or maybe it’s your aim to be an (original) authority site in your niche?

Once you have decided upon your approach it’s time to make a posting schedule. Your website won’t get on page 1 of Google in a week. This is a long-term process and there’s no reason why your content-posting schedule shouldn’t be one too. You don’t want to choke readers with too much content but at the same time you don’t want to go for days without new posts being updated. Apart from building a loyal readership, regular content posting also lets Google see your site as a continuous source of unique content. This most certainly helps in getting your site ranking high in the SERPS.

No matter what kind of content posting frequency you want to adopt, it’s important to constantly brainstorm for ideas. Here’s a little secret: top bloggers don’t wake up every morning and spend hours thinking about ‘what to write today’. Most professional writers have an idea bank in place, which they normally spread around their schedule. A good idea is to have an excel sheet where you and any of your co-writers can jolt down all your ideas.

The timing of posting content is very important too. Take Bleacher report for example, chance are you’ve already heard of it but if you haven’t it’s a vast network of sports blogs that are popular with fans of all kinds. A successful Bleacher report blog will always make new posts around the day of a game. Similarly, an Apple fan blog will increase the frequency of their posting once the WWDC comes around. Timing is very important.

Be Social

It’s a no brainer in today’s world that having a social presence is imperative. However most people do it the wrong way. They start social accounts and set them to auto post, mostly via an automated plugin.

Instead of doing this, try using your website’s social profiles, like you would your personal ones. Use them to strike conversations with others, post other interesting content you find on the Internet and to promote other writers whose stuff you find interesting. Starting with zero followers & likes can be difficult but don’t forget that even the biggest of accounts started from scratch.

Value-add Bookmarking

When we talk about social bookmarking we are not referring to running automated software and bookmarking every new blog post to 100’s of sites. That doesn’t serve any purpose anymore.

The post-Panda social bookmarking serves two purposes. First, it brings a decent amount of traffic, which in the initial stages of a new website is a welcome sight and secondly, bookmarking gets your site in front of a new audience and goes a long way in establishing your site’s brand value.

However there are 2 things you need for this to work. First is good content. If your content isn’t interesting, no one is going to share it. Second- use your bookmarking account for what it was intended for- for bookmarking interesting things on the Internet. Don’t just restrict it to promoting only your own website. Other users can see this and once they realize that you’re just interested in marketing your own site, they will quickly move on. No one likes to be manipulated, especially on the Internet.

Comments, Genuine Ones!

Pre Panda and Penguin updates, comment spinning & spamming was perhaps the easiest way to get backlinks and get your site ranking high, however that’s not at all what we are suggesting here.

Instead, how about if you made genuine comments on content that you really had something to say about? To many of us, it might seem like a lot of work but think about this- if you commented on 5 blogs a day. That’d be 150 backlinks a month. Not bad for a 10-15 minute daily chore.

Let’s not forget it’s a step-by-step process. You can’t accomplish it all in one day. Apart from getting backlinks, leaving comments on a blog regularly can help you build a relationship with the author and/or other respected commentators and as any expert would tell you, building relationships with others in your niche hardly ever goes to waste.

That looks all fine but with the recent Google updates, most websites now consider links from the comments section as “No Follow”. So what this means is you’re not really benefited from the link juice that’s passed but then you can’t ignore this link building tactic as well.

In the following video, Google’s head of WebSpam team – Matt Cutts talks about how often he indulges in blog commenting but he is doing it a bit differently – 1) He leaves relevant comments on relevant websites and blogs and 2) He leaves a link to his own personal blog rather than linking out to Google webmaster page or to some other site. This way, he says, is absolutely fine and doesn’t raise any suspicion in the eyes of the search engines.

He also suggests using the person’s own name rather than using any keyword-rich anchor text such as cheap marketing company, cheap online air tickets etc to avoid any untoward problems.

And lastly he also warns saying that blog commenting should not form a major part of your link building strategy as this will definitely raise a few red flags. Regular organic commenting is just as fine.

Guest Blogging

Once you are comfortable writing quality content regularly, then its time to start guest blogging. It’s surprising that a lot of people are still reluctant to write for other blogs, as they would rather save a good idea for their own. There are benefits you get from guest blogging that you can’t get from any link building campaign.

Not only is guest blogging a great way to build a name for yourself, it also helps you get acquainted with others in your niche. In case your post becomes popular, you can be assured of increased traffic, new subscribers and an enhanced brand value. Initially you might have to start with low value blogs but once your content proves valuable, new guest blogging avenues will open for you inevitably.

It’s important to understand that a very essential requirement of guest blogging is good content. No Webmaster will ever accept content that does not meet the standards of their blog. That’s why it’s a good idea to read the blog you want to guest write for and determine if you writing will fit in their scheme of things. No point writing for a serious blog when your style is satire.

Final Words…

The cool thing about this post is that all the 5 techniques above can be used in conjunction without having an ‘overload’. They are pretty different from one another and used together, can be REALLY effective.

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