A Quick Guide on the Importance of SEO in Integrated Marketing

Previously, for a website to do well in the SERPs, it needed to tick a few, very specific boxes:

  • Good content architecture crawl-able by the search engines
  • Good site architecture with internal links
  • Strategic use of target keywords
  • External links that use a targeted anchor text

But quite a few rules have changed in recent years. Search engines have now grown smarter and for attaining high rankings, marketers need to be knowledgeable about a number of things including content creation and management, branding, PR, social media, email marketing, search marketing and community building.


Another important consideration is the integration of SEO with the different marketing divisions to reinforce the impact of each distinct marketing channel and methodology. This leads to a more consistent and effective marketing process, which in turn translates to better exposure, conversion, customer relations and retention.

Integrated Marketing & SEO

PR, Social Media & SEO

In the busy and distraction-rich world we live in, there is an increasing need for marketers to create content that’s compelling for readers and the media. For instance, a marketing campaign with a good story and enough material for people to credit will attract the right kind of audience and the media. At the same time, without trying or even realizing it, you would have accomplished valuable link building. As a bonus, the links acquired this way don’t only “look” natural, they actually are, a byproduct of achieving bigger goals.

Another SEO consideration is putting at least part of the campaign on the actual company website while hosting any competitions and other materials on a subdomain. Too often, marketers use a separate domain for each distinct campaign and these are never mentioned on the main company website.

At this point, it’s also worth noting that like SEO, PR and Social media are not things that only large businesses have to worry about. It’s relevant for start-ups as well as small and medium-sized businesses. For any campaign, SEO, PR and social media can support one another, in particular when it comes to keyword research for both branding and search. Integrating PR, social media and SEO almost means that once the campaign is over, your website will keep ranking well for that particular  campaign thus giving rise to long-term benefits.

Offline, Mobile & SEO

Despite advances in technology and digital marketing, offline campaigns, which include things like billboards and print advertising, remain a powerful marketing medium. The challenge it seems is to successfully coordinate the offline marketing channels and the online ones. One company that managed to do this beautifully is American Express in a recent campaign that involved offline marketing. The campaign was based around a core message and an easy-to-remember keyword phrase: AMEX Gold Tube.

The potential of such a campaign is huge with a large number of users likely to use their mobile devices to search for the term, which they might have come across on their way to work or plastered on a billboard opposite their favorite coffee shop. It also, at the same time, gives businesses an opportunity to gather information and measure traffic of a marketing channel traditionally hard to keep a tab on and analyze. Integrating offline, mobile and SEO, in essence, creates the perfect opportunity for seamless coordination of offline and online marketing efforts and reinforces the overall impact of the methodologies for improved SERP rankings.

Content Creation & Management, Branding and SEO

Unless you are new to the world of online marketing, it does not take a genius to figure out that if you want to build a brand and attract customers, content marketing is essential and in more ways than one, content and SEO go hand in hand. This is an era of search. Whether you need an outfit for a pre-wedding cocktail party or you got locked out and need an emergency locksmithing service, the first thing you do is type a few words in a search bar. People use the Internet to research just about anything and consumers are constantly making purchase decisions based on what they read over the web.

Translation: For good rankings up the SERPs and more conversions, businesses need to create content that matches the needs of consumers while staying true to their online reputation. Gone are the days when you could get away with automatically generated content, scraped content or thin pages in an attempt to deceive users and the search engines. You need a constant stream of fresh, unique and valuable content, in a clean and visually stimulating format best suited for your audience including audio, video, graphics and written content.

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