8 Tools to Help You Evaluate Your Website Content against Your Competitors

Whether you want to build trust among your customers, drive sales, or become recognized as a thought leader in your industry, content marketing is essential to building a successful online presence.


A big part of producing and publishing information that builds authority and a community around your brand is watching your competition. After all, you’ve been doing it from the time you were in school or on a sports team. The value of watching your competition is twofold.

  1. You want to keep up
  2. You want to know where the marker is set so you can outperform your competition

In the world of online marketing, the same principles apply. Competitor analysis is essential to finding opportunities and setting goals based on thought leaders and competitors you aspire to beat.

Keeping an Eye on Your Competitors

As a content marketer, it is valuable to keep a finger on the pulse of your audience. One of the ways to do this is to keep an eye on your competitors. In particular, you want to analyze the types of content they are producing because competitive marketing strategies are strongest when:

  1. They position your strengths against your competitors’ weaknesses
  2. Or when you choose positions that pose no threat to competitors so that you are no longer competing for the same

This, in turn, can help you write opinion pieces. You also gain valuable insights into reader expectations.

4 Ways to Evaluate your Content Marketing Strategy against That of Your Competitors

  1. Set up an Alert to Get Notified Whenever your Competitors are Mentioned Over the Web

While knowing when your competitors are mentioned over the web does not directly help you compare your content marketing strategy vs. your competitors’, it can help you keep a tab on what’s happening on and off their website. This can help you identify the keywords and types of content that are likely to increase any return on your investment (ROI).

Handy tools and gadgets for this purpose include Google Alerts and SocialMention. Google Alerts is a particularly simple and straightforward tool to use that will send reports right to your inbox every single time your competitors are mentioned over the web, whether as a link or simply a mention.

  1. Monitor Backlinks

When optimizing your business for search to boost traffic to your website, building a strong backlink profile is crucial. In many cases, marketers specifically produce content so they can earn links from certain influencers and publishers. Monitoring how your competition is actively building links can help you identify certain keywords and content forms that will earn you similar backlinks. It can also help you produce content that will help you achieve your business objectives as efficiently as possible by responding to the needs of your target market.

Handy tools and gadgets for this purpose include Monitor Backlinks and Open Site Explorer. Open Site Explorer is a tool that comes from Moz, so you know it’s good. It’s perhaps one of the most popular tools out there to follow your competitors’ link building efforts.

  1. Compare Social Shares

By comparing social shares for your blog, video and social messages and measuring metrics such as engagement and click-through rate, as a marketer, it is possible to compare your content and content that is most popular with your competitors’ audience so you can derive actionable takeaways. If it’s working for them, chances are, it may very well work for you.

Handy tools and gadgets for this purpose include SocialMention and Topsy. Topsy, in particular, uses precise metrics to help you monitor the social activity and lead generation success of competitors to inform and optimize your future actions.

  1. Run a Comparison Report

And finally, this is perhaps the most straightforward way to compare your content marketing strategy against your competitors’. So far we’ve seen tools that can help you gain insights into content types and keywords that are driving the most shares, traffic, conversions and link building for your competitors. Then there are some tools designed to help you run a comparison report based on all the aforementioned valuable data including average shares by content length and/or relative volume by term.

Handy tools and gadgets for this purpose include BuzzSumo and SimplyMeasured. SimplyMeasured is a very advanced tool you can use to access everything you can possibly want to know about your competitors including traffic, conversions and analysis (social media included). In total, there are 35 different reports you can access. BuzzSumo is yet another tool you can use to analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor to derive insights to inform your content marketing strategy.

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