Is WordPress the Best Platform for SEO?

There are many paid and free platforms you can use to build your business or personal website. But WordPress is one of the most popular?

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Why? The biggest reason is that it is an open source site, which means anybody can use it for free. That means the price is right for many web page builders, especially those without a huge budget to spend on their websites.

The other reason WordPress is so popular is that it is easy to use. Like the iPhone or the iPad, WordPress is purposely designed to be used instinctively by users. You don’t need to have a technical background or have to wade through a lot of technical jargon to get started. Just turn it on and go.

Other Platforms You Can Use

WordPress isn’t the only platform you can use to create your own web pages, blogs, or other online content. Far from it! There actually are hundreds, even thousands, of tools you can use – some free, some paid.

For example, one of the latest trend for domain name sites such as GoDaddy and HostGator is to bundle their services so that they can provide one-stop shopping for people wanting to create websites. For a few dollars more than you would pay to simply lease a domain name, you can gain access to their own personalized web page builder.

The quality of these web builders is generally comparable to WordPress’s because, well, they basically are WordPress’s. Remember, WordPress is an open source site, which means that anybody can use it for free. That includes commercial entities who want to turn it around and sell it to unsuspecting customers seeking to build web pages.

Benefits of WordPress for SEO

Is WordPress the best web page builder? Among the free ones, it probably is. But is it the best for search engine optimization? That’s an entirely other issue.

SEO involves modifying your web pages to make them more attractive to search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. Why is this important? Because where your website is ranked on the search engine results pages (SERPs) for the keywords you use will make or break your website. Period, full stop, end of sentence.

SEO helps you get your page ranked at or near the top of the keywords that describes your web page’s niche or content. In the Internet world, that’s prime real estate because most people will never go beyond the first couple of entries for whatever they are searching for online. Think about it: When’s the last time you clicked on Page 2 or beyond when conducting an online search?

Which brings us back to WordPress. The key question is what do they do that other web building sites don’t that help you improve your page’s rankings once you build it?

Search Engines Love Sites Built with WordPress

For one thing, Google and other search engines love web pages that have been built using WordPress. That’s because the code it uses is very clean and simple, which makes it easier for search engines to scan and index the site’s contents. When you consider that search engines index millions of sites per day, this can make a huge difference.

Another benefit is that with WordPress, each page, post and image you include on your website can have its own meta keyword tags, descriptions and titles. They also can be optimized for specific keywords, making it possible to rank higher for very specific keywords. Plus, you can use tags to further enhance your SEO efforts with WordPress sites.

Control Freak

When you build your website using WordPress, you retain control of practically every aspect of your site. There’s no need to wait around for a web designer to make minor tweaks and simple updates to your pages – usually at an inflated hourly pay rate! Instead, you can do it yourself using the simple, free tools available from WordPress.

Customizable Design

Another benefit is that WordPress essentially acts as the engine for your website. That means you can customize your web pages to look any way you like in order to create a positive and unique experience for your page visitors.

Plug-In Fever: Catch It!

Another thing people love about WordPress are the thousands of free plug-ins you can use to enhance your page and help it get ranked higher. Full disclosure: There are paid plug-ins as well, but unless you are doing advanced coding, you probably don’t need them.

There are plug-ins that let you add video galleries, connections to your social media accounts, add event calendars, and much more. You name it, there’s probably already a free WordPress plug-in you can use to add to the functionality of your website.

So is WordPress the best platform for SEO? Maybe not, but it is definitely the most user friendly and gives you practically everything you need (for free) to increase your web page’s rankings.

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