A Guide to Marketing on Reddit

Reddit is a community platform composed of many different sub-categories called “subreddits”, each of which is a place for the app’s users – known as Redditors – to submit and talk about content related to a specific topic, such as fashion or movies.


There are two essential content types that can be added to a subreddit. The first is a link post, which consists of a title that links to any page on the Internet. The second is a text post, which is simply a title and a few brief lines of text. Text posts also are called “self posts” because they link only to themselves, rather than to another web page.

Beneath each post is a comments section, where Reddit users can discuss the content.

Subreddit Defined

A subreddit is a community devoted to a particular subject. Each Reddit post is submitted to a subreddit. Contributors can subscribe to any subreddit that interests them and as many as they want, allowing Reditttors to follow very targeted content.

Subreddit names have a prefix of “/r/”. For example, a subreddit about politics would be referred to as “/r/Politics” and can be found at reddit.com/r/politics.

Successful marketing on Reddit requires understanding how subreddits work. Each subreddit has its own unique community with specific interests, demographics, culture and rules. Even though every Reddit user may not be interested in your business, your products or your services, there probably is a very specific subreddit that would be highly interested in what you have to say.

Voting Matters

The thing that makes Reddit different from most other apps is voting. Anybody can vote up or down on any given post. The number of votes a particular post gets will determine its ranking in its specific subreddit. It’s sort of like the Google search engine algorithm, but more democratic.

For the business owner of online marketer, there is a huge benefit to getting Reddit users to vote your content up to the top of the subreddit.

Karma Chameleon

Then there is karma, which is sort of like your personal Reddit score. Your karma is determined by how many other Reddit users vote the content you post up the rankings or down the rankings. Every Reddit user has both “link karma” and “comment karma”, with the former being the difference between the up votes and the down votes on all the link posts you have submitted and comment karma being the same thing, only with your comments.

Karma isn’t something that makes a huge difference to your marketing efforts, although it’s always nice to be liked.

Subreddit Moderators

Every subreddit has a moderator or a group of moderators who essentially manage it. They can edit the content in the sidebar, remove posts, alter the subreddit’s design, ban users, and do other administrative tasks.

For marketers, moderators are very important because they can remove your posts from the subreddit and even ban your participation. Always be respectful of moderators and follow their rules, however stupid they sometimes may seem.

If you aren’t sure about the rules on a particular subreddit –especially in regards to what kind of marketing is allowed – you can always ask the moderators by clicking on the “message the moderators” box on the right hand side of any subreddit.

Successfully Marketing on Reddit

Reddit doesn’t generally forbid marketing posts, but each subreddit has its own specific rules. So before you post anything, it’s always a good idea to read through the subreddit rules to make sure your post is allowed. Otherwise, you risk having it removed and being banned from the subreddit, essentially cutting off your access to the prospective customers you are trying to reach.

It’s also recommended that you participate in subreddits rather than simply lurking in the background. While a little bit of lurking is okay while you are learning the lay of the land, eventually you are going to want to jump in and join the conversation.

You Be You

With Reddit, your reputation means everything. So the more you can provide helpful links and insightful comments that other people will find interesting – and vote up the subreddit – the more influential you will be. Getting noticed for all the right reasons is the best way to successfully promote your brand, your business, and yourself on Reddit.

Whenever you post anything, be accessible by responding when other Reddit users leave a comment or if they private message you. Remember, you want both the link posts and comment posts you submit to be voted up to the top so that the most people can see them.

Like other social media platforms, sharing is beneficial. When you find something you find interesting or think other people interested in your niche might like, share it on your subreddit – even if it is not directly related to your business.

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