Make Content King in 5 Easy Steps

Over the past decade, one of the biggest marketing trends has been the shift towards content marketing. The world of content marketing is constantly evolving. Staying up to date with latest marketing trends is a crucial part of running a successful marketing campaign.

By releasing valuable and engaging content on your website and through social media, you can build trust and establish a consistent customer base.

contentThe driving factor behind most internet marketing campaigns is the content. As businesses began to take notice of the power of content, it became essential to release content that is relevant & engaging. Yet, the quality of the content often suffers at the expense of quantity.

The lack of quality is generally the result of spreading yourself too thin by trying to reach out to a huge audience instead of a targeted niche where you can reach out through blogs, videos, infographics and more.

The lack of quality is most often the result of trying to target the largest audience possible through multiple marketing channels, you should think about simplifying your strategy. Narrow your focus and limit the scope of your campaigns. This way, you will find yourself spending less time dealing with your marketing campaigns while still getting the same rewards. The concept of focusing on quality over quantity is also referred to as the 80/20 rule. Basically, a small portion of your content could be responsible for a large portion of the results that you get. The inferior content that you release could be doing nothing for your business.

1. How You Can Improve Your Content Marketing Campaigns

(a) Limit your campaigns: You do not need to use every resource available, just focus on one or two targeted channels at a time for maximum reach and engagement.

(b) Social Media: The largest and most cost effective marketing channel is social media. Facebook remains the most cost effective marketing channel. Though most marketers easily fall into the trap of quantity vs quality.

(c) You don’t need a business profile on every social media platform. An account with Facebook, Twitter, and possibly one more platform, should be sufficient. Choose your marketing channels and then begin implementing the following suggestions:

2. Understand Your Target Audience and Region

You need to know your target audience and region. This means learning more about the interests and habits of your core demographics. You may also want to tailor your content to fit specific regions.

As an example of this, the LEGO Company looks at what people enjoy doing in each region. They then figure out how they can connect their products to those activities. From there, they develop effective social media strategies to target their audience.

coca-colaAnother company which is Coco Cola is known for localizing their content. Whether it may be sports, festivals, languages or culture, Coco Cola has targeted every niche. Share a Coca Cola was one of their biggest hits, but the strategy works even now.

3. Make Sure That You Release Original Content

Never plagiarize content or simply copy information that you find online. The content that you create and release should be completely original.

You might be aware of Sky Scraper technique. Here’s how Brian Dean who is the founder of Backlinko explains the technique of Sky Scraper which lead to an increase of his site’s search traffic by 110% in 14 days.

4. Choose Content That Provides a Real Value

When creating content, you should ensure that it offers a real value to your readers. You should always take a moment to ask whether or not your target audience will find this information useful. If the answer is no, then you should modify the content. Here’s a our tool that can help you to create content ideas.

5. Engage Your Customers and Subscribers

starbuksNothing is more important in sales than trust. Avoid trying some tricks and gimmicks that can lead to losing credibility. Personalization in your mails and replies would add value. Social media is the best and cost effective marketing channels that allows you to reach people all over the world.

We can also take Starbucks as a good example. The main focus of this company is customer satisfaction, from building the right atmosphere to quality coffee and also by training their employees to connect with customers to maintain the same customer experience across all locations.

There is one thing that never dies or loses its value on the internet and that is the CONTENT. Content is and has always been the king. It is an essential tool to grow and sustain a successful business in today’s web-driven world. So what are you waiting for? Start planning the next piece of amazing content you’re going to put out!




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