Enhance your Local Business Presence with Listings in Local Business Directories

Local searchers are highly focused and ready to take action. They already know what product or service they need; they’re just looking for a local business to fill that need. And more and more, they’re doing it online.  If your business has a physical presence, it’s very important to be visible on the various local search directories including the local options offered by Google, Yahoo and Bing. Getting listed in these directories has two fold benefits – you get direct traffic/lead/ walk-ins from them and also improve your rankings on local search results of major search engines like Google and Bing.

Use our Local Directory submission Service to get your business listed and claimed on top local directories like Google+ Local, Bing Business Center and Yahoo etc.

Given below is a screenshot of local results that show up when you search for “pizza place new york” on Google. You would want your business to similarly show up for relevant local searches made by your target visitors.

Google Local Pizza New York

Why get listed in these multiple local directories?

  • All the local search engines and directories we submit to are highly popular, backed by big companies and aggressively marketed online. So being listed in each of these sources improves your chances of getting exposure from them.
  • Consistent listings (citations) in many directories with the exact same details improves your rankings in the local search results of major search engines like Google. One important factor that is looked at is the number of citations/mentions your business has on other local directories with the same address and contact details.
  • Get an increase in direct leads (calls, website visits, walk-ins) for your business from these local listings.
  • You have the opportunity to later promote any deals, coupons and marketing schemes you  may be running at the time on these platforms.

Recommended Action before Placing an Order

Each of these sites have their own system for verifying listings. To increase the chances of your approvals and making their verification process easier, it is advisable to publish the exact same address and contact details somewhere on your website – these details are usually published in the Contact and/or About sections of a website. Alternatively, you could publish it on the footer section of your site. Ideally you want it mentioned somewhere on the site. Having it included not only helps with verification but boosting the authenticity factor.

Another point to keep in mind is the phone number you enter should be one that is actively managed because some of the sites may call you to verify those details. You would want to be able to attend those calls and verify any such details they confirm.

Apart from those two points, it’s also important to get back to us with any confirmation codes these directories may send you by post or over the phone, so that we can then continue to complete any steps from our end to get your listing complete.

How to Place an Order to Get Listed in these Local Directories

The first step is to click on the ‘Submit to Local Directories’ tab on the home page of your account.

Steps 2 through 5 are displayed on the screen shot below.

2) The second step is to add your Official Company Name.

3) The third step is to add your Website URL.

4) The fourth step is to choose the package you wish to submit to (Package 1 or Package 2)

In this case Package 2 is chosen to be submitted.

5) Once the package is chosen, click on the payment option that you would like to use & proceed

Once the order is placed you would see the form below that would ask you for your company details that need to be filled. All the fields that are highlighted with the asterisk symbol need to filled.

Once the complete company details are filled, click on the “Save the Details” button. You would see the below screen shot, that would give you the order number highlighted in red confirming your order.

Once the details have been submitted, we will proceed with the order within the next 4-5 working days.

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