Build Relevant Links from Industry Specific Niche Directories

Apart from getting links from general directories, it is also advisable to build links from directories relevant to your industry. These directories list only sites specific to their niche and hence are more focused in the listings they approve. Your site will be listed in a highly relevant category among listings that are closely related to your site.

We have identified directories in nine popular niches – Real estate, Travel, Automotive, Health, Business, Shopping, Blogs, Internet Marketing and Finance. There are about 20+ directories that we have found from each of these niches who have co-operated with us in ensuring that they give priority to listings sent by us and also passed on a discount for Directory Maximizer users.

Key Benefits:

  • Get permanent seo-friendly one way links
  • The relevancy factor of these links could possibly be valued higher by the search engines
  • If your listing is not approved by any directory, we get a refund from them which is passed back to you
  • The directories list only quality sites and you will not find any random listing that doesn’t fit the directory

How to Order for Submissions to these Niche Directories:

The procedure for placing an order to these niche directories is quite simple. Outlined below are the steps you’d need to follow:

1)  The first step in placing a niche directory order is to click on the tab ‘Submit to Niche Directories’ on the home page of your account.

2) We have 9 niches and 20+ directories under each of them. The second step is to select the relevant niche that your website belongs to by clicking on the drop down menu. You can select only one niche at a time for sites fitting into multiple categories.

3) The third step is to select the website for which submissions have to be made. There are three options to choose from:

3a) By checking the box ‘Select all’ you can select all the websites that are present in your account for submissions to the particular niche that has been selected.

3b) By clicking on the ‘Add another Site’ link you will be directed to the ‘Add a Site’ page where you can add another site that you’d like submitted to this niche.

3c) You can also select a particular website present in your account by simply checking the box beside the relevant URL that the submissions have to be made for.

4) The fourth step is to click on the ‘Confirm Submission Details and View Payment Options’ tab to confirm that all the relevant details for niche submissions have been selected and to view the available payment options.

5) The final step is to review the total amount to be paid and selecting the mode of payment. We provide two options for payment through a PayPal account or through Credit Card. Click on the relevant option to complete the order process.

How Many Niche Directory Submissions are Ideal for a Site?

We have around 20+ directories in each niche. So, you may submit to all directories applicable to your niche at once. If you have sites which are applicable to more than one niche (for example, a real estate related website can be submitted to Real Estate Directories as well as Business Directories), then you can submit to the next niche after a gap of about 30 to 45 days.

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