How to Effectively use the Premium Paid Directory Service?

Apart from submitting to general directories, we also offer the service of submitting to top quality premium paid directories. These are well established directories that are managed and promoted quite actively online. Unlike the general directories, these directories put a premium on getting listed and charge a one-time fee to being reviewed and listed. Of course, the value of links from these premium directories is much higher because of them being more actively promoted and you get more value for your link because of the lesser number of competing listings in these directories as compared to the free general directories.

Over the years, we have selected a large number of such directories and have also managed to secure a discount on the listing fees, which we pass on to you.

Recommended Strategy to get the most out of these listings:

  1. Use a different set of titles and descriptions from the ones used for general directory submissions. We allow you the option of entering different titles and descriptions for your paid directory orders (example below). Use that option and try to diversify your anchor text profile as much as possible.
  2. Some premium paid directories allow 3 additional links to be listed along with the main url. Don’t waste this option. Choose 3 key pages and write an appropriate title for each of those urls. This option presents a fabulous opportunity to build links to key inner pages of your site.
  3. You can also submit an inner page url of your site as the main url instead of just the homepage. For some orders, consider promoting key inner pages of your site. Using this option would prevent you from ordering the homepage again for the same directory as they allow only one url per site but it’s still a good option to consider – your link profile would look better if you had links not only pointing to your homepage but to your inner pages as well.
  4. Order in batches and order regularly. We’d recommend submitting to all directories in batches over time. You could consider anything from 2 listings a week to 4-5 a month, anything that you feel suits your budget and requirement. Essentially, you’d want to submit at least to a few every month.
  5. Every time you place a follow up order on a different set of paid directories, continue to enter new sets of titles and descriptions. This will only help further strengthen the diversity of your link profile.

Key Features:

  • All links are permanent, one-way and seo-friendly
  • We ensure you get your money back if the editor rejects your listing
  • You can build links to your homepage and/or  inner pages
  • Discounted listing fees (up to 30%)
  • Link approvals typically within 4 days.

How to Place a Paid Directory Submission Order

The procedure for placing an order for Paid Directories is quite simple, the steps are outlined below:

1) The very first step is to click on the tab ‘Submit to Paid Directories’ on the home page of your account.

2) Once you have clicked on the ‘Submit to Paid Directories’ tab, the next step is select the site for which the order needs to be placed. You will need to choose any one of the sites from the drop down menu.

3) After the website has been selected, the next step is to select the titles and descriptions for the same.

3a) You can enter a new title & description for the submissions to be made or select an existing title & description for the site. If you choose an existing title and description, the other fields below will automatically pre-fill.

3b) Enter the URL of the website selected or you have an option to enter the URL of any inner page from the same website. From time to time, on different orders, consider targeting different pages of your site.

3c) You will need to fill this field if you’ve chosen to enter a new title & description.

3d) You will need to fill this field if you’ve chosen to enter a new title & description.

3e) Here you’re given an option to submit 3 inner pages of the same site as some directories allow for this option. It is important to build links for the inner pages of a website as well, so do fill this option and target 3 key pages of your site.

4) After the third step is complete, the next step is to choose the directories to be submitted to:

4a) You can select the directories by clicking on the check box beside them. You can either select all paid directories or scroll down and select as many directories you want. We take special care to ensure all the directories we select maintain a high standard and accept only quality sites. So the directories you choose would typically depend on your budget. We’d recommend submitting to a few every month if you don’t want to invest too much at one time.

4b) You can also select directories based on specific criteria, in this case PageRank. All you need to do is to click on the drop down menu and you will get the PRs for the directories starting from 1+. Select the desired PR you want and then click on the search button for the available directories for your selection.

4c) Another criteria on the basis of which you can make submissions is the price. You can fill in the minimum and maximum price range for the directories and then click on search button. You will get results based on the price range you have selected.

5) Lastly, once all the other steps are complete and the total is displayed, you need to make payments for the same either by means of a PayPal account or through Credit Card.

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