How Directory Submissions Can Help Diversify Your Backlink Profile

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Link Diversity in SEOLink diversity has become all the more important in SEO now than ever before and should take more of your attention, especially after the recent Google algorithm updates. Earlier, it was possible to focus on just a few target terms and build a large number of links from similar sites to get your site to rank on Google. However, you’d now need a much more diverse backlink profile to help you rank on top.

Link diversity is all about making your backlink profile look as natural to the search engines as possible, wherein you have links from different types of sites and each targeting a variety of terms.

As a webmaster or an SEO professional, you need to build links using various tactics such as guest posting, link bait tactics (e.g. infographics, widgets, etc.), forum contributions, press mentions, directory listings etc. The more tactics you incorporate into your linking strategy, the better the chances of your backlink profile looking more natural.

The role directory submissions can play in helping diversify your backlink profile and helping your link portfolio look more natural has always been understated. There are more than one ways in which directory submissions can help diversify your link profile.Though directories are collectively considered a single link profile, practically they offer diversity in the following ways:

  • You get links from a number of unique domains since there are a large number of directories to which your site could be submitted.
  • These directories are hosted in different geo-locations and IPs thus giving you links from sites hosted in different parts of the globe.
  • You can vary your anchor text by using multiple titles and descriptions: this is something you can use to your advantage with directory submissions, controlling the diversity of your anchor text profile by using as many titles and descriptions as you can with your submissions.
  • Each directory has its own unique set of categories and your site would be listed in each directory’s own relevant category. For example, your real estate website could be submitted in the “Real Estate” category in Directory A andthe “Business – Properties” category in Directory B and so on. This would make each link look unique in its own way.
  • There are niche directories which are industry specific and which can get you links with a high relevancy score.
  • Premium directories are generally high quality and high PR paid directories that allow you to build links to your home page as well as inner pages: getting links to your inner pages can help further diversify your backlink profile to make it look more natural.
  • Not all links are approved at once since each directory has its own editorial timeframe before the links are put up, thus ensuring that you get links on an ad-hoc basis with no set pattern. This makes your “link graph” look more progressive instead of all your links coming at a single point of time.

Since directory submissions can help to a large extent in diversifying your link portfolio, it’s something that you should perhaps consider incorporating as a regular feature in your linking strategy. You don’t want to lose out on opportunities to diversify your link base while you can. Though it’s also worth mentioning that you don’t want to be relying on it as the only linking strategy because then the whole point of “diversity” would be lost. So it’s important to maintain a balance.

P.S. – While doing submissions, use as many titles & descriptions as you can write (or have us write) because that will go a long way in making your backlink profile look more natural.

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Case Study: Children’s E-Commerce Websites Get Top Rankings for 20 Keywords after Directory Submissions

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“Having used your service in the past, we as a company have found the solution, and the service that Maximizer provides to second to none.  We are convinced that the links that have been built have managed to secure top rankings for our sister site and we are fully prepared to support Maximizer and the team behind their link building service.

In fact come April once the sale of New Baby Gift Boxes is completed we will be engaging Maximizer to start work on a new business model.  I have no doubts whatsoever that this solution has played an underlying part in securing top 1, 2, 3 positions for my previous businesses.

I would also be more than happy to be used as a point of reference should ever Maximizer need me to talk to any new prospective clients.”

– Ashley Ayling


The above mentioned sites are websites selling children’s gift products online. They have a huge range of top-class gifts and toys for children and specialize in a wide range of gift hampers, each lovingly packaged and presented in a variety of different ways.

Requirement & Challenges

There are thousands of children’s e-commerce websites in the market, so how do we get and to have top rankings for multiple competitive keywords? That was our main challenge. The main aim of the campaign was to improve search engine rankings for some targeted keywords which would consequently increase the traffic to the sites.

Action Taken

Ms.Ayling was extremely passionate about these 2 sites and wanted to optimize them in the best possible way. She was also very smart about building links for her site and followed 3 best practices while building links. Here are her best practices which if followed will help get any site to the top:

1. Target Multiple Keywords: She targeted different keyword variations for her submissions. As we have mentioned in other case studies, many people make the mistake of targeting only one or two keywords and reduce their chances of being found for other relevant keyword searches. Try to cover all keywords while building links as you have the chance of ranking for many more keyword, thereby increasing traffic to your site ten folds.

2. Build Links Regularly: Ms. Ayling build links regularly over time. Unlike many of us who do link building one time and forget about it for years, she was diligent and made sure that her links were built consistently over a period of time.

3. Getting Links from Different Types of Websites: It is advisable to get links from different types of websites rather than getting all your links from similar websites. Ms. Ayling placed orders for all the different submission services we offer.

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Niche Directory Submission Update: Adding Business and Finance Niche Directories


We take this opportunity to thank each one of you for the grand welcome you extended to our recently launched Niche Directory Submission Service. We are glad to see this service being widely used by you to increase relevant backlinks to your site. As one of our customers, Mr. Christopher from Houston put it, “I have received 14 links within 6 days of my order and I hope the remaining  ones too will come soon.  This is the most efficient and cheapest link building exercise I have done for my online boutique travel shop”.  We do realize the responsibility that this service brings on us and we promise to live up to it.

We are happy to add two more niches to our current list of seven, viz Business Directories and Finance Directories. That makes it a total of nine niches offered through this service.

  1. Business Directories
  2. Finance Directories
  3. Health Directories
  4. Automotive Directories
  5. Blog Directories
  6. Real Estate Directories
  7. Shopping Directories
  8. Travel Directories
  9. SEO & Internet Marketing Directories

There are 20 to 30 directories in each niche.  As usual, these directories are selected with much care and are good quality SEO friendly directories.

If your site sells any product or service, it’s worth submitting to our list of business directories for it can bring you the much needed link juice and some traffic.

Similarly, if you offer any financial product or service online, submit it to the finance directories available with us.

We would like to re-emphasize few of the other benefits of this service-

  • Get guaranteed links (if your site is relevant to the niche)
  • Discounted price compared to the actual fee charged by directories
  • Target multiple keywords through different titles and descriptions

So, start building relevant links right away. Login here if you are an existing customer or register right away.