Don’t Let Your Site Look Like It’s Been Designed in the 90s

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In 2013, having a simple website optimized for certain keywords is not enough for a business to compete for consumers online. There is a whole range of things that also come into play including the design of the website, its usability and search engine optimization, content creation and the integration of social media. The SEO technological market and the way people consume content has changed. By extension, aesthetic and navigational considerations are important in modern day website design.


Modern Website Design Starts with Understanding Your Market

Modern day website design is all about matching the architecture of your site to what your consumers are looking for. To that end, it is important for website owners to get a real feel and understanding of their market and potential consumers. This analysis of demographic data should underline the design and building process of your site.

Over the web, how many times did you come across a website that looks just perfect but it hardly serves a viable purpose? Either relevant information is missing or the usability of the site is non-existent. Similarly, many websites out there contain very relevant content but the site itself looks outdated and therefore not very engaging.

The 5 Essential Components of a Good Website Design

1. Design

website-designIf you own a website, you need to make sure it is up to date in terms of modern day website design requirements. It is unwise to spend disproportionately on optimization leaving a lot to be desired when it comes to the website’s design and usability.

The key is to find the right balance. The design of a modern day website should be simple and yet engaging in nature and informative to the user. At the same time, it should be optimized for SEO. The biggest challenge to website designers it seems is to juggle the visual, HTML and CSS aspects of a site.

  • Your website should reflect what your consumers want
  • It should be easy to use
  • The design should be creative and modern
  • The design and content of the site should complement each other

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